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Hello. Nice greeting from Korea
We are helping you to find a position.
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#170614-2 Gwangyang Position (Jeonnam province)
*Working days : Monday to Friday
*Teaching hours : 02:00PM ~ 9:00PM (actual teaching from 3:20PM)
*Teaching type : Elementary to middle school students
*Monthly pay : 2.2 million won  :afro:
*Housing : Single housing
*Starting date : Beginning of September, 2017
*No. of teachers : 1  :-[
*Vacation : 4 days in summer & 4 days session vacation
*Benefits : One-way airfare, severance pay and national health insurance, national pension. 
Around the school, there are a lot of delicious street food and lots of things to enjoy!
You can have amazing memories here!

Don't hesitate to send us email if you are interested in these positions.
Thanks for your attention
Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail: