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Roald Dahl English Camp. one 60 min and three 90 min lessons
« on: August 09, 2017, 02:43:32 pm »
Here are four Roald Dahl English camp lessons.

I have borrowed heavily from the this excellent website
and some materials from this one too

Lesson 1: 60 mins. Matilda - Bruce and the Cake - Students act out the scene, and whoever is Bruce gets to eat an Oreo!

Lesson 2: 90 mins Matilda - The first miracle - Students read the build-up to Matilda moving things with her mind, then watch the scene from the film. Students then decide what their superpower would be.

Lesson 3: Charlie and the Chocolate factory - Finding the golden ticket - Students answer questions about the text to win golden tickets. We then meet the winners from the book, and students create their own Dahlish characters.

Lesson 4: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The inventing room - Read about the inventing room. And learn the confectionery made by Willy Wonka. Then its the students turn to invent the most amazing sweets they can think of.

We had fun with this stuff and I've got a lot of nice work to put up on display. To help the creativity flow towards the end of the camp it's good to keep the candy prizes plentiful.

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Re: Roald Dahl English Camp. one 60 min and three 90 min lessons
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 01:25:57 pm »

Very interested in using your first lesson plan as a way to introduce the book to my middle school students (all boys).

I tried downloading your PPT and Picture sorting activity, however, and there were some issues with the file, so most of the pictures are missing.

Is there anyway you can reupload it, or let me know which pictures were used?

I appreciate it!