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ASAP Positions in Seoul, Gyeonggido
« on: August 03, 2017, 10:33:17 am »
We're looking for an english teacher who is able to start ASAP. If you're interested in these positions, please send your resume and a photo to

# 1
School Type Reputable Private English school
Location Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Starting Date late August
Teaching Age Kindergartners to elementary school students
Working Hours 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Salary 2.1 mil won +
Vacation about 10days + national holidays
Housing       Furnished single provided
Benefits  Severance,  Health Insurance, National pension, one-way flight ticket provided

# 2
School Type                 Reputable Franchise School
Location                      Yonggin, Gyeonggido
Starting Date     Aug 26th 2017
Teaching Age Group       Kinder, Elementary School
Working Hours      9:00am-6:30pm
Salary                         2.1-2.3 millionWon /mon
Vacation                     about 2 weeks + national holidays
No. of native teacher      6
Housing                      Furnished Single Housing (5mins of Walking distance from the school)
Benefits                      Severance payment, National Pension(50/50), Health insurance(50/50), roundtrip flight tickets

# 3
School Type   Private English school
Location   Jongro, Seoul
Starting Date   ASAP
Teaching Age Group   Adults
Working days Mon-Sat (Work on Saturdays just twice a month, teachers can choose which Saturday to work)
Working Hours   M-F 12pm to 9pm /10pm-6pm (Sat)
Salary   2.2-2.4 million won a month / over pay : 150.000 won on Saturday = 300,000 won total a month
Vacation   About 10 days + National holidays
No. of native teacher   7
Housing   500,000 won housing allowance
Benefits Severance payment, National Pension, Health Insurance, One way airfare provided

# 4
School Type      Reputable Government Owned school
Location         Incheon (Gyeyang Station)
Starting Date      Late May 2017/Late August 2017
Teaching Age Group   Kindy to Elementary school students and the students from Russia and Japan
Working Hours      40hours a week from Monday to Thursday and Saturday(Friday & Sun. off) 9:00-6:00/ 12:00-9:00 Tues. - Sat. (Sun. Mon. off)
Salary         2.1-2.3+ million won a month
Vacation      4 weeks (1week at Lunar New Years day, 1week at Korean Thanks Giving Day (Chuseok), 1week during the first week of March, 5working days of paid vacation)
No. of native teacher   30
Housing         Utility free furnished single dormitory housing w/ bathroom provided (apartment building for native teachers)
Benefits         National Pension, National Health Care, Severance, Round Trip Plane ticket