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FREE Korean Language Lessons and Pizza Lunches in Daejeon
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:28:38 pm »
UPDATE: So it turns out that these are FREE classes of Korean language that get offered bi-annually for anyone wishing to attend. You don't have to be affiliated with KAIST to join them as a student. Each lesson was also accompanied by free pizza lunch, and there was at least one cultural class trip over a weekend. After the first class, each volunteer teacher gets paired with 1 or 2 students so you get lots of personal attention and practice of Hangul and speaking Korean phrases. They welcome all levels, from very beginner to intermediate to advanced. I started this class when I didn't even know the alphabet.

The lessons are given 1x a week, either on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, so those wishing to learn Korean language have a choice which day they want to attend. The spring session starts first week of March, while the autumn session begins first week of September, and the class goes on for about 3.5 months. These sessions can be re-taken as many times as you need. Important note(!): since they pair 1 or 2 students per teacher, the number of students that can be accepted for each class session is limited, while there are a lot of people wishing to take these free language classes. To get into the class make sure to arrive early for first session, as those who have been accepted into this class were the first 5-10 persons to sign their roster paper on the first day.

Even though these classes are offered by volunteers from a local church, they do not proselytize, try to convert you, or anything of the kind. They do not talk about religion or invite you to any Bible study groups. This is important to note, because there are a number of religious cults operating in Korea who will target foreigners by offering free Korean language classes, and then try to bring them into their group. This is not a deal like that. The primary purpose of these classes is language exchange.

Once again, this class is open to anyone wishing to learn the basics of Korean language or wanting to become a fluent speaker. There are English-language teachers attending this class, people who married Korean nationals, as well as international students from KAIST and other campuses. You don't have to be affiliated with KAIST to participate. This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to speak Korean or teaching Korean to others. Some members who are hosting this have prior teaching experience and wish to give back to the Western community that has invested so much into development of their own country, so it's a great opportunity to mingle with some fellow teachers from the other side.

Summary of the event.
What: Korean Language lessons followed by lunch
When: starts in March and September, Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons
Location: KAIST, W 2-1 building
Language Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Public transportation info:
By bus: Buses 121, 104, and 5 make a stop in front of the KAIST campus.
By subway: AFAIK you can take the subway to Yuseong Spa station. Take exit #7 and you'll immediately see a bus station in front of you. Take bus 121 from there to the KAIST stop. 121 travels every 25-30 minutes, and not much on schedule so it sometimes arrives 5-7 minutes early - don't miss your bus. If anyone knows a faster and more reliable way to get there please share your route.

For further details about classes and meet-ups, join the Facebook Group "Daejeon Peeps".

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