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Binomial Pairs Lessons
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:59:29 pm »
I have a series of lessons on nonreversable binomial pairs, aka Siamese twins, idiomatic expressions like Heaven and Hell, etc.

I cut out the pair words separately and hand them randomly to the students.  Those with #1, for example, might have "Surf" and "Turf".

First, they read them out and the group (or just that pair if you like) have to decide the order--is it "surf and turf" or "turf and surf"?

Then they try to suss out the meaning.  I will then illustrate and explain the meaning on the PPT.


I go through six of them in a meeting, and together with the extra activity, that should fill a 50 minute period.

My group (all intermediate or better) really seem to get a kick out of the "guessing game" aspect and learning new expressions.
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