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Government-Running School Position in Incheon For August
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:18:02 pm »
We have one of the government-running school positions in Incheon and please see the below job description and if you are interested in, send your resume and photo to

School Type      Government running school
Location         Incheon (right by Seoul)
Starting Date      Late Aug 2017
Teaching Age Group   Kindergarteners to Adults (about one teaching hour for kindergarten class per day)
Working Hours      11:00AM-8:00PM (Mon. ~Fri.)
Salary         2.0-2.3 million won per month
Vacation      about 2 weeks + National holidays
No. of native teacher   13
Housing         Dormitory style studio w/ bathroom, shared kitchen (Internet, Utility included)
Benefits         National Pension, National Health Care, Severance, Round trip provided
*Free dorm-style studio w/ bathroom (shared kitchen- only the teachers live in the building and some donít even use the kitchen, quiet, NOT like college dorms)