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    • May 07, 2014, 01:04:41 pm
    • Gumi, South Korea
Help Wanted: Quest Academy Gupyeong Dong Campus is looking for a full-time 1 year contract Native Teacher (from the USA or any other ENGLISH speaking countries except from countries like the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Vietnam. "Sorry, we love these countries, but it's Korean hagwon policies.") starting from September. Salary is 2.2 million for NEW starting teachers (experienced teacher is a plus and salary can be negotiable.) Hours are 1:30pm to 9pm (but sometimes can finish at 8pm if there are no classes afterwards). Housing, Pension, and Medical Insurance are included. Any questions, please contact me via PM or Lauren at or send a message to 010-3768-1015. Applications will be accepted until August 25th. Have a good day and stay cool ~ ^^