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    • June 05, 2017, 11:19:01 am
    • Yangpyeong, Gyunggi-do
Looking for Native-English teachers!-Yangpyeong in Gyunggido, Korea :)

Name: Tina Lee
Phone Number: +82-10-3178-0205

We're looking for Native-English teachers for our school. Single or Couple can apply for this position. Both will be welcomed.
It's a private English School(Hagkwon) in Yangpyeong(Gyeonggi-do) 30~40 mins from Seoul. There's a bus and subway from Seoul. It's a beautiful area with Blue sky, Mountains, lots of delish restaurants and many summer and winter activies. :)

▶ Qualifications
1. Be a native English speaker
2. Hold a valid passport from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
3. Hold a minimum bachelor degree from a university from one of the above countries
4. Have a clean national criminal record with Apostille

▶ Working Conditions

1. Teaching hour : 25hours for a week(M-F)
 (can be less or more; but if more working hours, you will get overtime)

2. Teaching schdule : 9:00~6:00(9:30~6:30)
 *National Holidays : We don't work

3. Average class size : 1-12 students in a class(up to 12, no more than that)

4. Teaching level: Kindergarteners(5-7) and Elementary students(8~13)/Korean age.

5. Salary: about 2.5million won(depend on experience and educational backgroud                                     can be less and more)
-> Severance pay (after a full year) : one month salary

6. Vacation: 10 days paid vacation per year.

7. Start: in August

8. housing: free housing with all the basic stuff, clean and new
9. Benefits : free housing, severance payment(one month salary) , health insurance , national pension, 10 days paid vacation.

Any question or details, please e-mail or call me. Feel free to ask any question.

* Please send us your resume and recent photo.(not only resume but photo)
I'll contact with you asap. Thank you! :)

Here's the website that shows Yangpyeong. You can look it up.