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It is English lesson time! Where are the children?
« on: May 04, 2011, 12:22:22 pm »
Hello everyone,

Both my head co-teacher and I are feeling pretty down these days, as we feel English as a subject is not being respected by 75% or so of the school's 4th-6th Grade homeroom teachers.
My school is a lovely school where the English teaching staff take teaching the subject very seriously, but this is not being reflected in the amount of classes we were able to teach over the past month. There were so many interruptions for various reasons where homeroom teachers did not send the kids up to the class within the appropriate time slot, called the kids back to their homerooms (for whatever reason - I'm not sure), used the English period for the subjects they teach (i.e. Korean, maths etc) and the majority of the time, there were absolutely no notification before hand. Many times my head co-teacher went to the classes personally to get the kids, who in general love English classes as I guess it seems to be a break from the monotony of being in the same class all day learning in the usual language. Maybe.
This has only happened in April, as many classes were cancelled for reasons such as exams and Sports day rehearsals (two periods in the morning for a week!), so for the two normal periods, kids were not sent to English class. We had a couple of younger 4th grade teachers who rescheduled in the afternoon a couple of times though.

My co-teacher nearly cried saying that she feels embarrassed and somewhat insulted. Especially as they are showing so little respect for her profession. She even begged for the kids to be sent up a couple of times. I asked what she plans to do about it, but she feels she has no power as the homeroom teachers have the say when it comes to the students from their particular homeroom.

Please let me know if anyone has experienced this and what was done. Now that we're in May and lots of holidays are coming up, I fear it will happen again, which messes with our teaching plans and pattern further, leaving very little time to teach and prepare the kids for the upcoming exams.

Thank you.
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