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Does anyone know of games using clocks?
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:15:18 am »
Hey Waygook,

Just started since Monday and it's going good, have 4th and 6th graders.

Next week we're doing 'time' with the 4th graders and the lesson plan is very poor. (Book with the effiel tower and statue of liberty on the cover - not impressed)

Does anyone have any good suggestions for clock games? Much appreciated.

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Re: Clock games
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You can find lesson plans for elementary school under elementary, then in the stickied topics, go to the appropriate grade.

If you are looking for something specific, you can use the search button.

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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I did an activity last year that went over well. Depends a bit on your class size and how much room you're working with.

After a lesson of teaching numbers and telling time, hand out pieces of paper in 2 different colors. 1 color should have the numbers 1-12, the other some numbers between :13 and :59 (I made sure to use the ones that are often confused, like 12 & 20, 14 &40). Have the students stand at the back of the room, and either call out a time or work one into a sentence (ex. Today I'll eat lunch at 12:20). The students with those cards then race to give you a high five and stay in the game for the next round. (have students keep one hand on the back wall to keep them from creeping forward. you could also have a 3-false-starts-and-you're-out rule).

You should plan ahead and have a list of the times you're going to call out. I'm sure this activity can be manipulated to fit the aim/level of your class.

Good luck.

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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Depending on your class size and class room size you could play

What Time is it Mr.Wolf

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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My students LOVE this game.  It's quite a simple ppt (not simple to make though!!!).

The ppt clock numbers has the numbers 1-12.  Open the ppt...print out the numbers and stick them up around the room, so that your classroom resembles a clock!

The ppt Time Game contains the game!

It's simple enough.  I generally play the game in groups of 12...and you can play it a few times so everyone has a turn.

The students stand under a number from one to 12...then they say, "What time is it?" or "What's the time blah blah Teacher?" or whatever time related sentence you like.  You then press the spacebar...the hands on the clock move around to a time.  Whoever is standing under that out of the game!  Students then have five seconds to move to a new time!!  Repeat until it says winner...there are seven rounds?  Maybe less!

I teach elementary school it might be a bit easy if your kids are Middle School or some such...but it's a good game for high and low level kids and the running about makes the boys happy!

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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someone suggested a game to me where you split the class into teams and each turn 1 representative from the team comes to the front.

you should have as many circles already drawn on the board as you have teams.  each rep mans a circle and you call out a time.  the first one to draw the time correctly gets a point.

if you want them to have some practice speaking make them write a sentence using said time ('i wake up at 6:30') and repeat it before the point is awarded.

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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I used this for my lesson last year for "Its time to go home"
I used two clocks and made time cards... 2 Stacks of them. One being A.M(PINK) and another of the same set of numbers being P.M. (GREEN) Make enough times that every student has one and make sure there is a pair for each student. So every student with pink is on one team and every student with green is on another. Have two clocks at the front of the class. When you call out a sentence with their time. Each member of the class will run to the front of the class and do the correct time on the clock. First person to do it correctly will then ring the bell and run back to their seat and give a sentence that happens in the A.M. OR P.M. of their time card...depending on if they have pink or green.
" I eat breakfast at 6:00 a.m."  "I leave work at 6:00 p.m."

The kids seem to love it. Tests out how they tell time and their speakin skills while runnin round and havin a fun time!

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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Here is a PPT game using the Simpson's game template (thank you Shane of Daejon). I required answers be phrased as half/quarter/twenty/past/to, as that is what we studied.

I also second alritg's game of drawing time on clocks on the board. It is more challenging using time phrases like 'twenty to three' and 'midnight.' I put the students in lines of 5-6 and allow the teams to help the student drawing so that they're all engaged. A good time filler that requires almost zero prep/

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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In my school's English Zone, I have 6 clocks representing different cities from around the world. I simply took them off the wall and created a game. If you don't have clocks, you can draw 6 clocks on a piece of paper.

Break the students into 6 groups and give each group a piece of paper with A:____, B:______....F:______

Place the clocks randomly around the room and cover them with A, B, C, etc.

As soon as the game starts, one student from each team runs up to a clock, checks the time, then runs back to his/her table and TELLS the time to the other students. The other team members must listen and write down the time. Alternate the writer/runner each time a clock is read and make it competitive by rewarding the team that finishes first.

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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I play a guessing game. A student sets the time on the clock and keeps it secret. Then they ask their friends "What time is it?" The student answers "it's 3 o'clock". If they are wrong the next student guesses. If they are right they take the next turn at setting the clock.

This is a good game for really getting the students talking.

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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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I also have the Eiffel tower book and am working on some ppt's and games for that lesson - I'll try and have them finished before I head for 6 days in Jeju - just look for the link from the 4th Grade index which I will update once I start uploading them
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Re: Does anyone know of games using clocks?
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I did a simple relay race type game where I printed, laminated and assembled two big clocks, one for each team. I had the students get into two lines facing me. I then wrote on the board a time and had the two students in the front race to place the long and short hand properly. The first to finish would receive a point for their tema and go to the back of the line. On the the next student... After a few rounds you stop, count the points and congratulate the winning team. This is a very simple game that can be altered to fit almost any type of lesson plan and the kids always enjoy it.