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Need help dealing with grade 3s
« on: May 26, 2017, 03:16:41 pm »
I am working in a very tiny elementary school and only have one class for each year level. I have seven grade 3 students. In my school, I always teach alone but I had experience teaching this class when they were grade 2 last year so I always opted to teach in their homeroom so their homeroom teacher could at least be present when I am teaching because I knew what they were like.
With this class, there is one main student who causes a lot of issues for me. He is the student that kind of dominates the class. I also feel that he has anger problems. He usually tries to do what he wants. When he is in a good mood, he will just talk a lot, constantly get up, scream, annoy other students, anything he can do. I generally don't let him get away with stuff and have to raise my voice pretty much every lesson. I am really tired of having to do this. Not only that, I spend a large portion of the class trying to discipline him. When he is angry, he will yell at me, yell at other students, etc. If we are playing a game such as UNO, he basically makes the other students scared to use things such as draw 2/4, skip, etc on him. To the point where other students ask him for permission to use them and if he loses a game, he will scream and make the other students upset or cry. I usually tend to control games during class however he tends to make all the other students riled up and it becomes hard to stop them unless I raise my voice yet again.

Another problem is that I have a student with mental disabilities or whatever you'd call it. I don't know what they are exactly but I feel like for one, he has something like autism or something like that as well as behavioral problems. He can't sit for two minutes without trying to steal something from another student, spontaneously screaming, hitting another student, giving the middle finger, screaming at me to demand something. I found that he is easier to control if there's a reward. I just threaten to not give him stickers which usually stops him from doing whatever he is doing. However, I do feel that he will be less of a problem if I can deal with the rest of the class as well.

Those two students are problems on their own but pretty much whenever I am dealing with students on one side of the room, the students on the other side will do something. Their homeroom teacher tries to help me sometimes but she's a very passive and quiet woman. I talk louder than she screams. I feel that especially the first student that I mentioned, has a lack of respect for his teachers.

I have been been trying a few things like making a lesson catered to what they are interested in and have told me they want to do but it seems that no matter what activities I choose, whether it just be boring textbook stuff or some games that they have asked for, they still act the same and I have to spend too much of the lesson disciplining them that I can't even teach them much.

What I am considering is to start a reward system where each student gets an individual reward count based on their behavior. Like maybe stickers or stamps or something that they could trade in later for a cheap snack or toy or something. I just feel really unsure about it because I don't have much experience with using a reward system.

Does anyone have experiences with implementing reward systems and the after effects of it? and also dealing with these kind of classes?

Re: Need help dealing with grade 3s
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 06:14:55 am »
First of all for the two trouble students if they are having that much trouble in class it's probably out of your control and I would just give them coloring sheets. Color by number are great for those students with mental problems. They parents are refusing them help so it's not your problem.

For controlling the rest of the class you can use a whole class award system, using for example stars, you can say ok class if we get 30 stars today everyone can get a piece of candy (or sticker or whatever) if they raise their hand during class or behave well give them a star, if a student acts up (be careful with the mental students because it might not be their fault) take away a star. Then the students will police eachother. You don't have to even say anything just look at the student and erase a point.

I wouldn't bother with the individual rewards like money because it takes too long to give it to students in class and you only have 40 minutes. Also the students will lose it or copy it and cheat. So just use the board.

Also sometimes I would draw a picture of a character on the board like doraimon or whatever they like and draw a path to it and use a magnet. The better behavior the magnet gets closer and worse behavior push the magnet further away.

Good luck.

Re: Need help dealing with grade 3s
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 08:24:58 am »
Don't rely too much on crutches like rewards, gold stars and candy. You can use these of course, but what you really need is to run a tight ship and get respect.

It's really tough to maintain respect when you have possible mental health issues in the classroom but it sounds like that kid may not have any, possibly just ADD or something. It would be a good idea to ask about it.

This child aside, if you have a few simple rules that the kids understand as well as them knowing exactly what will happen will work wonders. This only works if you stick to what you say like glue and give zero wiggle room.
Example: 1. No talking when the teacher or another student is talking.
consequences for all rules can be the same like, the first time, a warning from the teacher, a second time, they have to change their seat and third they have to leave the classroom and their parents are called.
This works for me pretty well. It's a little tough at first but once the kids get that I never let things slide, they're wonderful and we have a lot of fun.

I often make two teams and have them compete, awarding points and taking points away for different things. This helps them police themselves too.

Good luck!

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Re: Need help dealing with grade 3s
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2018, 07:22:08 am »
 First are you in a hogwan or public school? In a public school you will have more options however since a hogwan is a business you will have fewer options. I have worked for both so I will give advice accordingly.

Hogwan- You can't kick students out of class or get students to quit . Your best bet is to just be a fun annimated teacher. Don't sweat the bad students they are customers too. Talk to your director try to arrange a pizza day once a month if they all tow the line.

Public school- You will have more power to control that one student. Talk to his homeroom teacher. Also if you are having a bad day you can text the homeroom teacher to pick him/her up. Also get the head disciplinary teacher and VP involved.