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Wanted filipino / European man / Camp Job
« on: May 22, 2017, 09:24:23 pm »

Wanted filipino / European man / Camp Job

Wanted filipino for shipping company documentary
When: may 27th
Where: ulsan ( all staffs go together )
Others: should swim
Pay will be  notifyied the successful candidate individually
 How to apply: Send me profile with your body measure and contact info
If you know any potential candidates, please tell them to apply
Once you apply,  we will send you udpated jobs
 To apply:  send profile to and kakao :  thanksai
Cell: 010 7229 0579

Summer Camp in Bucheon
Date: July 31st - August 11th
Working Hours: 9:40am - 2:40 pm
Class starts from 10am and finish at 2pm
Lunch time: 50 mins and will give free lunch
Teaching hours: 160 h total, 2.67 h x 10 days = 26.67 hours = 800,000 won 

1 Month - Yongin Part / Furll time teaching job
Periold: July 1st - 31st , only 1 month part or full time job
Worlking hours: 9:30am - 2:40pm for kinder and 2:40pm - 5: 40pm for elementary
Salary : 2.2 mil won for full time.
City Info:

We are looking for 6 European candidates who are currently residing in Korea
to go on a business trip to 5 different European countries.
All expanses are paid for.
Airfare, meals, hotels, and etc..
Payment: 2 mil won
When: End of June 2017 until the end of August 2017
Countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and others

What you will do:
Translating and assisting for exhibitions. (Korean is a must)

European, outgoing personality, and must know Korean, English,
 and other European languages (Spanish, German, Italian, and French highly recommended)
*Interviews will be held in Gamgnam

To Apply:

Resume in word docx and your photo to
Contact us for more info:
kakao id: thanksai
Cell: 010 7229 0579

if  you have friends who can join, please refer to me
thank you