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Squid Girl's Challenge Bomb Game
« on: May 17, 2017, 03:05:32 pm »
***EDIT: I have removed this material. I had uploaded it with the understanding that it was being provided as a free service to my fellow teachers here, but the site admin has decided to lock it behind a paywall. I object to that quite strongly, and will be removing all of my content as a result. I will update this post with more information when I find somewhere new to host it for free.***

Howdy, all.

This is pretty much a re-skin of a game I made a year or so ago. I changed the theme because the old theme was based on a show my students were watching in class, but might not be very familiar to students in other schools. I had a Squid Girl wallpaper on my desktop last week, and a fairly large percentage of my students (middle school) knew who she was, so I think there's enough character recognition for this to get your kids' attention.

Aaaaany way, this works like pretty much every other bomb game. The only catch is that sometimes the students receive challenges that they have to perform in order to earn their points. If they don't do it, they don't get them. Feel free to change the challenges so that they'll be better suited to your students.

I included instructions under each slide, so I won't type them all here. It should all be self explanatory anyway.

As per usual, take the game for a test run on whichever computer you'll be using before actually using it in class, in case some of the animations don't work on whichever version of PPT the computer has installed.
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Re: Squid Girl's Challenge Bomb Game
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 01:55:43 pm »
Thank you.  ;D