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South African Culture
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Hi all.

I have been making use of a lot of the lesson plans on here and it is time to contribute.

I am a South African, which was very new for my kids. So I did a lesson about SA culture. Sa culture is rather hard to explain but I took elements from various areas to give my students an idea of what South African people are like. The words 'we' and 'our' appear quite often, so if you are not south african change that.

All the clips I use have hyperlinks on the slide. The first clip is a tourism video which gives the kids and nice idea of what the country is like. Most of my students had absolutely no idea, or only had the 2010 world cup as a frame of reference. The music clip I use was the best I could find that has a vaguely african sound and is in English. The name is also fun to analyse.

The slides that illustrate the traditional tribes mainly showcase the clothing. I chose the traditional tribes from the national anthem. I also explained that the English and Afrikaans population dont really have traditional clothing. (side note: the man in the Xhosa People slide is a young Nelson Mandela - the kids love this).

Use this lesson as you will. My high school kids really enjoyed seeing the differences and similarities from their own culture (Korean).

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People in China find it hard to believe that white people can come from South Africa. Some also think that I carry gold and diamonds in my pockets.

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Ya my kids were pretty surprised when I said I was from South Africa. But they did enjoy learning about a country that is very new and exotic to them. They're also really keen to learn about SA history and politics. Politics is going to be fun to teach given the current drama going on at home.

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"Give me hope Johanna" is song that many recognise, but never realised the import of the lyrics and can be useful to start a project delving into the culture and history even further.
Plays like "Boesman and Lena" and "Blood Knot" are great for classwork because they are relatively simple, with practically no use of extraneous materials: pure word power! And they have an incredibly potent message.
If you have mature students with an angst for the underground scene: Die Antwoord is a guaranteed hit.
Scenes from Jamie Uys films are great for ice breakers, especially the skits. I come from Botswana, and always give a presentation on my context to new students which includes a scene of the Coca Cola bottle falling onto the peaceful bushman village from "The Gods Must Be Crazy".
Relating how South Africans have fought for the British in their wars is also something that can be used to unify our two countries: there's a memorial in Swartkop, Pretoria and there's a couple dotting South Korea: the most famous one is in Pyeongtaek, but I found this one, and don't know where it is

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