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Frozen - Pass the Snowballs Game
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:26:10 am »
Last school year I made this for elementary, but I never got to post it. This game took SO long to make. It will probably take a long time to play, it would be perfect for a double class.

What's it about?
This combines pass the ball, bomb games and team competition, all in a linear sequence. Basically, each team will pass a ball, whoever has it last is the one who will compete for the team in a speed challenge up at the whiteboard.

The ppt has other instructions, and the final slide has gifts for up to 4 teams, (the slide before explains about the final slide.)

This game was made based off of a Let it Go lesson I had to do, but, the info can be manipulated to suit any lesson.

Recommended 4 Teams
Play Time - 30 to 80 minutes

I will include other resources from my Let it Go lessons, many I found around Waygook, I think I only built the game from the ground up, so thank you to others for the activity sheets.

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