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2.6+ salary / seoul / FT teaching / Starting May 20
« on: March 31, 2017, 07:59:18 pm »
Excellent English teaching job in central Seoul
Salary: negotiable 2.6+, can be higher if you don't need airfare
Starting date: Monday, May 20th. May arrive earlier and move into apartment several days before.
Benefits: one week of PAID training, airfare, great one-room housing near Wangsimni station, health care, severance, pension, two weeks vacation (one in summer, one in winter)
Time: 9:10am~7:30pm
Very lovable kindergarten students in the morning who are capable and enjoy having fun.
Elementary classes start from 3pm
Classes start at 9:50am or 10:40am depending on your schedule
3+ hours worth of breaks throughout the day, sometimes 4+ hours on certain days depending on your personal schedule
Classes are only 40 minutes long and typically have less than ten students
Incredibly easy to follow curriculum, fun coworkers, and great workplace (management always pays on time, has near-fluent English speaking ability, and is very straightforward in their expectations, aka virtually no last-minute changes, etc.)
Preference for USA or CAN citizen because the curriculum is North American.
Preference for a male teacher because the vast majority of teachers (90%) are female at this time.
Preference for someone with teaching experience, but ALL applicants will be considered!
Obviously the standard qualifications are required: college graduate, FBI background check, recent photograph, etc.
Preference for those with documents in hand or who are getting their apostilles settled etc.

Send a message anytime with questions! Or if interested send your resume, your availability, and your status on where you are in the visa document process.

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