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Old school contacting new school to spread rumors?
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:31:20 pm »

I have been working for a nightmare hagwon for one year. Despite the challenges, I waited for one year for my contract to finish and obtained a letter of release.  Despite my old hagwon owner giving me an unjustified bad reference, however I found a reasonable and understanding recruiter that found me a great new job. Before I left, the hagwon owner asked me what school I was going to and I vaguely told her the city but not the school name.

So, I started the new job and noticed that my new coworkers were behaving strangely. I ignored it and over time, they warmed up to me and praised my teaching methods. However, one coworker confessed that the old school had somehow found my new schools contact information and had called to spread rumors about me. But now they can see that it isnt true.  Is this legal for a hagwon to do? Is there any legal action I can take?


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Re: Old school contacting new school to spread rumors?
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Defamation into the stone age? G/L
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Re: Old school contacting new school to spread rumors?
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Unless your new job fires you or you somehow lose money over it doubtful you can do anything.

You could try to have a friend email or Kakao talk message the owner/manager of the old hagwon to get something concrete or to record a phone call.

From what I understand about the cyber defamation law the disparaging comments need to be seen by at least 3 or more people.

It is kind of hard to prove especially for a foreigner, but you could try contacting your local police dept, if they have an English rep. and file a report.

More than likely your new job will know the old job is just lying/slandering you out of spite.

Good luck!