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Adult ESL instructor position in Gangnam, Seoul
« on: March 07, 2017, 02:27:13 pm »
Job Information
No   #13397
Location:   Seoul
Salary Offered:   KRW 2,200,000 / Month
Open Positions:   1 English Native Speaker(s)

Job Conditions
Teacher Level Required:   Bachelor Degree
Starting Date:   2017-05-01
Teaching Group(s):   Adult/
Working Days:   Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/
Working Hour:   30 Hour(s) / Week
Working Time:   AM 06 :50 ~ PM 03 :50

Benefits Offered
Overtime Pay:   KRW 20,000 / Hours
Paid Holiday:   Paid Vacation / 10
Housing:   Single housing
Basic Benefits:   Flight(One way) / Health cover / Pension / Severance /

Job Description
-Your shift will be changed as one of following schedules every 3 months.
A.   Monday to Friday, 10am 7pm (inclusive of a one hour lunch break)
B.   Monday to Friday, 6:50am 3:50pm (inclusive of a one hour lunch break)
C.   Monday to Friday, 11am 8pm (inclusive of a one hour lunch break)
D.   Tuesday to Saturday (Tuesday to Friday 1pm 10pm, Saturday 9am 6pm)
(inclusive of a one hour dinner/lunch break)

Please contact me at