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    • November 08, 2010, 01:00:30 pm
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Position available for NATIVE English Teacher ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not work / have not worked for this company. The employer is a friend of my current boss, and I am posting this as a favour. I cannot answer any questions about the people, or the students, so ask if you like, but I can't/won't answer. Also, if there are questions about anything that is not specifically mentioned below, I also can't/won't respond. (Severance? Flights? Yadda Yadda? Shit, sorry, I got nothin. See email below.)

Please direct any applications and/or queries to the following email address:

That is my current boss' email, and she will forward your messages to the employer.
Right, so, here is what I do know:

Salary: 2.3M per month.
Housing: Studio room provided, or 300K per month stipend.
Benefits: Pension and National Health Insurance
Hours: 10am-6pm.
Location: Sincheondong, one stop east of the river on the red line.
Visa Status: E2 or F visa, I'm told the employer doesn't mind which you have or which you need. Please specify in your email if this is an issue for you.
Age group: Kindergarten in the morning, Elementary in the afternoon.
Start: As soon as possible. (Their semester begins 2nd March, so they really do want someone FAST.)