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    • October 28, 2011, 01:05:31 pm
    • Seoul, Korea
We have one of the reputable English schools for teaching adults in Busan. This position has only 16 working days per a month so, if you like to explore Korea and have fun in Busan on Friday and the weekends, this position is perfect for you! We have placed many English teachers in this English school and we always got great feedback! Please have a look at the job description and if you're interested in it, please send us your resume and a photo to

School Type Reputable Franchise School
 Location Busan, Korea
Starting Date Early March 2017
Teaching Age Group adults
 Working Hours M-Thursday 9am to 12pm/5:10pm to 9:10pm (16 working days per a month)
Salary 2.1 ~ 2.3 mil won/mo
 Vacation N/A
 Housing Furnished single housing provided
 Benefits Severance payment, National Pension,Health insurance, One-Way trip provided