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Great, Reputable, Afternoon Position in Central Jeju
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:10:12 pm »
Jeju-do (제주도), Korea's largest island, has been the country's favorite domestic holiday destination for a long time in Korea. The ocean is never far away, so swim into blue seas to view coral as colourful as the sunsets and eat Jeju-do's unique cuisine, including seafood caught by haeneyo (female free divers). Jeju is the most appealing place to people who like to be active. Hike up the most highest mountain, Hallasan in South Korea and Climb amazing tuff cone, Seongsan IIchul-bong, and Oreum.

We have one of top private English school(Hagwon) positions in central Jeju. We have placed a great number of English teachers in this school and we always got the great feedback! The director and other teachers are always supportive and friendly. The curriculum is well-set and you will be easily able to keep up with ongoing classes anytime.

Please see the below job description and if you are interested in, send us your resume and a photo to

School Type   Reputable Franchise School
Location   Jeju
Starting Date   Late Feb 2017
Teaching Age Group   Elementary to Middle school students
Working Hours  M-F  1:00PM- 9:00PM
Salary   2.0 -2.2 mil won / mo
Housing   Furnished single provided
Benefits   National Pension, National Health Care, Severance, one way plane ticket provided
Vacation    about 5 days in summer, 5 days in winter + national holidays
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