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JLP - JRP Contracts for 2010 - 2011
« on: December 23, 2009, 05:52:26 pm »
I got a chance to sit down and read over the contracts that the JLP and JRP will be using for people coming or renewing in 2010. As such I thought I'd share some changes in the terms of the contract compared with the 2009 - 2010 contract.

Article 10: renewal

It now states that if you renew your contract that you will receive a 2 million won renewal allowance due to you within one month of the new contract's start date.

This means that they will no longer provide for airfare home and that any travel you do during the summer months will have to be paid by you out of pocket.

This isn't too different than what is in there now, except that it establishes a hard cap on how much the school will provide and it also establishes that teachers will receive the money after the fact rather than before hand. I for one paid for my round trip ticket to Canada out of pocket and was reimbursed by my school after returning to Korea and providing them with receipts and boarding passes.

The way it is worded now is that one should receive the 2 million won regardless of flight costs or even if they travel. So it is conceivable that if one was willing to just ride out those two weeks here in Korea the person could bank 2 million won.

Article 11: Entrance / Exit Allowance

The new contracts stipulates that teachers will receive 1.3 million won upon their arrival in Korea as an Entrance Allowance and 1.3 million won on the final day of their contract as an Exit Allowance. This is not available to those who renew their contracts. They would receive the 2 million won Renewal Allowance.

The change here establishes concrete numbers for the schools and could mean that some teachers lose money on their travel to and from Korea. I for instance had to spend $1220 to come to Korea (flight arranged through the recruiter with me be reimbursed upon arrival). Given the exchange rate 1.3 million won would not cover my travel costs. There are those whose travel costs are considerably higher given where they live back home.

Article 13.5: Travel Allowance for Multiple Schools

The new contract states that any teacher that is required to teach at more than one school will receive 50,000 won per month as a travel allowance. This is down from the current 80,000 won that I now receive.

Article 14: Vacation

The new contracts provide for 24 days of vacation in the winter, 7 days of vacation in the summer and one floater day. This is of course down from the 26 days that we now receive during winter vacation.

Article 14.4: Paid Leave

This article states:

"Regardless of the number of days over which the paid leave falls, 8 accumulated hours of paid leave shall be counted as one day. This includes tardiness, early leave, other absences during the work day and or half days of paid leave. A total of less than 8 hours will not be counted."

So in the new contracts your school should be counting when you arrive, when you leave, any time you might take during the day to go to the bank, etc. and then adding it all together and if it totals more than 8 hours docking you a vacation day. I wonder if this would include stuff like doctors appointments and if they will do like many employers back home do and count things in quarter or half hour increments. For instance, your 7 minutes late but they only count in quarter hours so that 7 minutes now becomes 15 minutes for the purposes of determining paid leave.

Article 17.3: Allowable Activities

As usual we are not allowed under the terms of our contract to work other part time jobs or to partake of private tutoring sessions. The new addition in the new contract is that online instruction is now included.

Article 18.4: Terminable Offences

Following up on A17.3, one can be fired for partaking in online instruction.

I of course have to wonder why the provincial school board would specifically state online instruction in both of those articles given that they operate online instruction with the JLP and JRP teachers.

I have of course emailed Chris about these last two articles seeking clarification and will pass on any info I receive.

I hope that this provides people with a heads up for what they will be looking at concerning contract renewal and will give them some added time to think about making that decision.


I've since heard back from Chris and he informs me that the online program conducted by the provincial education office is exempt from this contractual stipulation.

Re: JLP - JRP Contracts for 2010 - 2011
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Generally speaking, the changes you mention were already incorporated into my contract when I signed in September of this year.

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Re: JLP - JRP Contracts for 2010 - 2011
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i've been here all of eleven weeks and am being given this contract to re-sign. its all a bit confusing since my co-teacher doesn't really understand when me signing this new contract will take effect from/what it will do to my severence/return airfare i'd signed on for in my previous contract. luckily, she is trying to figure it out along with me and not just trying to make me sign!

Re: JLP - JRP Contracts for 2010 - 2011
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So what has happened to our severance? Are we still getting it? In addition to the renewal/exit allowance?