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E2 Transfer Question
« on: December 27, 2016, 11:28:47 am »
Hi everyone

Has anyone got experience of transferring from an E2 visa with public school to another school?

Do I need to tell my current public school my intentions of staying in Korea to find another job when transferring at the end of my contract? Are there any documents I need to get off my current school for transferring?

I only ask because I'd like to get the flight money at the end of my contract and apparently if we intend to stay in Korea with another job, we can't get the flight money.
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Re: E2 Transfer Question
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I'm transferring to another school in March but I had to discuss it with my current school so that I could get a good reference for the new job. I needed a lot of information from my current school to get my new job including letters of reference, phone call reference with my co-teacher, copy of my current contract and my employment certificate from the administration office. 

Today my co-teacher told me that I needed to turn in my health insurance card and my ARC but I reminded her I will be transferring to a new job so I can probably hold onto those things.

It all depends on if you feel comfortable lying to your school in order to try to get that money.  Maybe you can get away with it or maybe they will find out.  They could ask to see your one-way flight ticket before giving you the money.  But for me, why burn bridges for no reason.  They could be a good reference for your future employers.

Re: E2 Transfer Question
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I don't know about SMOE and EPIk but in my case (GEPIK) it doesn't matter: even if you're staying in Korea, you can still get the money as long as you fly back to your home country, even if it's for a week. You have to send them a flight ticket/boarding pass with the name of your home country as well as your name on it. Oh and it has to be within ten days

Re: E2 Transfer Question
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It really depends on what your contract says.  This might be different to what seems to be "apparent".  Read it carefully.

I changed schools in the past and I did not get the leaving bonus (flight money) but I did get the renewal bonus, which is essentially the same amount, even though I didn't renew at the same school.

And of course, you might not intend to stay, but end up staying anyway...