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    • December 02, 2013, 12:40:09 pm
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    My name is James Brewer and by March of 2017 I will have completed four year of teaching in Korea.  While I have very much enjoyed working at the school I'm currently with, I feel like I am stuck here in the traditional fly-in fly-out teacher role.  My skills and interests have outgrown this type of position and I am searching for a school to grow with next year.

    I am interested in a position not only teaching full time, but also contributing to aspects of curriculum development, working with the administration on tasks such as hiring and teacher management.  I have found a strong passion working with 5 year olds and have spent a lot of this year coaching fellow teachers and developing curriculum and "policies" to better our program.  I have written workbooks for novel classes and planned quarterly curriculum for cooking classes. I have counselled my Korean administration staff on communication with other foreign teachers.  As well as communicated with foreign parents at our school.

    I would like to continue on this track and become both a more experience teacher and an experienced member of an administrative team.

    My current employer can be reached at this number 02) 3444-6106.  Please ask for Monica.

I have attached my relevant documents for review in this post.  Please contact me day or night :)

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    • December 11, 2013, 08:57:39 am
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Email: cover letter, resume, and photo


I am the owner of the Seongbuk branch in the Poly franchise. I am still looking for two teachers to fill positions in March. I am a former teacher for Poly, and most of our teachers have stayed for several years, so the environment is first rate. You will get a chance to communicate with all of the teachers if you wish prior to making a decision.

Regarding your desire to be more involved, I think that we can offer you that sort of opportunity over time; however, I'm sure you can understand that to any employer you are an unknown quantity, and to offer such a position right out of the gate could have unforeseen results. Although the Poly curriculum is very set, all of my teachers are encouraged to get involved and make suggestions to improve our school and its programs.

If you would like to know more, please contact me at Thank you!