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Middle School Pirate Camp
« on: December 16, 2016, 08:44:07 am »
Hi guys!  I used this material for one day during my two week middle school camp last summer.  Honestly I think it was one of their favorite days.  It is designed for a 3 hour day.  I had posted it in the pirate summer camp, but I think people have trouble navigating the waygook winter camp index because both elementary teachers and middles school teachers are posting in the same forum and it can be difficult to find level appropriate material.  In the main powerpoint there is a dialogue entitled "Interview with Captain Patch." I used it as a puzzle dialogue and gave them hints with the images and a hangman game. I also gave them a speak with your partner worksheet, so that they can practice an easier roleplay.  They really ENJOYED the games.  I edited the Gangnam Style Bomb Game and made it so that teams are constantly gaining and losing points and changing points.  They found it really funny.  They enjoyed the chaos of the game.  They also really like the Pirates of the East Sea Game.  You have to play the "Final Battle" in that game after they finish all the questions.  A Korean ship sinks a Japanese ship in the battle for Dokdo and the Korean Anthem plays.  They loved it!  They started singing the anthem.  The students also really enjoyed the Mr. Bean treasure hunt cartoon, which I played for the last ten minutes of class.