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    • January 26, 2016, 06:39:12 am
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I recently started some individual tutoring with teachers at my school. Most of these are 1-on-1, and have been going very well. One lesson, however, is the bane of my existence.

The head teacher for fifth grade wants to do tutoring with one of the other fifth grade teachers. The other teacher is a young guy, recently out of university, and can comfortably have a conversation with me for the entire hour.

On the other hand, the head teacher is older and is essentially a false beginner. She says that she doesn't understand anything that I say, and can't speak. She constantly asks for the other teacher to translate.

I have tried to have very basic conversation topics, but the younger guy gets bored quickly and the older teacher can't even answer basic questions.

I tried to do dialogues, but it's hard to make those last an entire hour! The older teacher also, paradoxically, says those are too easy.

Last class, I gave them some grammar worksheets and that seemed to work well, but I don't think that's what they want to do.

Any ideas? I'm about ready to just cancel their class, but I'm not quite ready to part with the 40,000 won per lesson.

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Re: Tutoring class with one high-level speaker and one false beginner. Help!
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  Get a textbook that is a good start. You can't just have a conversation class with no book. It becomes like a jellyfish all mushy.  Try to get them to decide on the book. There are tons of English language textbooks available online. In that way they can't blame you for choosing an inappropriate book. Conduct a needs analysis. This consists of a list of questions asking them what they can and can't do in English. For example travel abroad.  Find out why they want to study English. Korean teachers need to pass a TOEIC
for promotions.

If possible try to get them involved in activities that get them out of the school. Like an afternoon hike or a temple tour. This is great for breaking the ice.