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To accompany the elves.ppt
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Just an idea(maybe previous mentioned, I dunno)
The elves ppt is useful, but in my alterations of the presentation, I thought it would be more interesting to change "The ShoeMaker and the Elves" story slides to a live story book with English captions.  I will still keep the story slides in the ppt as backup in case the internet is down though. The Audiobook below is slightly different in the sense that the elves had ragedy clothes as opposed to not having any at all as stated in the ppt.

The Shoemaker and the Elves audiobook with captions

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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My camp stuff. All material is stolen/borrowed and then edited, amended, combined.

Day 1
Shopping and magic crafts
Day 2
Quidditch water sports day
Day 3
Magical creatures  - dragon egg drop
Day 4
Spells and Potions
Day 5
Scavenger hunt and Magic feast

DAY 1 and lesson plan attached  (Sorting hat zip file posted by Zeegs

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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DAY 2 Quidditch water sports day - Golden Snitch PPT

I am at this point not sure EXACTLY how this game will work. I will update once I know how many kids there are and we iron out any kinks.

Day 3
Magical creatures  - dragon egg drop

Day 4
Spells and Potions

Day 5
Scavenger hunt and Magic feast ( I will also be doing :"Magic Cooldrink")

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Workbooks and (Spells/Potions/Experiments)

Jumping bug eyes

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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some extras

Including Magic money - Galleons as posted previously by SPace
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Here is a Hot Seat to use for the camp. I included some of the vocabulary words and character names.

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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For anyone who needs a last minute HP game template, I edited a Halloween one by  viva_wanderlust to fit the Harry Potter theme. I basically kept 90% of the characters they had (all halloween/monster versions of cartoons) and changed the backgrounds around to fit the theme.

Harry Potter font is used for the first and last slide. Blank template to fit whatever you need. Cheers.

EDIT: Forgot characters for a slide.
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Quality idea with the Harry Potter theme. I'm in the middle of my planning, using a bunch of the ideas that everyone generously posted. Gotta love this site! Like so many folk out there I started feeling guilty about taking all the time. So, this is the first of a bunch of resources I'll be posting over the next week or so.

I haven't used this yet, so if it doesn't go down well, or is too complicated then hey, I tried haha. The idea is that teams try to take Harry through a series of situations (some luck; some memory etc) and collect the right tools to kill Voldemort. You can obviously adapt it for whatever vocab/level you want to focus on, or make it easier etc. I quickly typed up a bunch of rules to go with it - again, change them or whatever. Please let me know if you have any improvements, because everyone thinks differently eh.

There's a few different ways to get to the correct ending.


Hi! I realize it's been a while since you posted this but do you remember how it turned out? It looks really cool. Hoping to use it for my winter camp this year. Does each team keep playing until they loose a life and then it's the next team's turn?

Kind regards,

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Wow, this is so great! Thank you everyone for all the materials, definitely going to be using these for my winter camp this year! I love Harry Potter!

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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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No one else thought to do Wizard's chess? I'm making a full sized chess board out of the tiles in my classroom and I'll have printouts/objects represent half of the pieces and my students have to fill in the other half. I'll have 16 students, so that'll be 7 kids playing as pieces on each side and one kid directing. It'll practice directions, numbers, and chess piece vocabulary. Plus, I'm going to have them "die" really dramatically. I think it'll be a lot of fun!

For care of magical creatures, I'm trying to get my school to approve my friends bringing in some interesting pets and giving a talk (ie rottweiler, hedgehog, snake, etc.)

For Defense Against the Dark Arts we're going to learn some basic jiu-jitsu self-defense techniques and assertive English. (ie, Stop, don't touch me. I feel uncomfortable when you do that. etc.)

For their "muggle studies" class, they're going to take an aspect of muggle life and teach it to the class, including common mistakes wizards should avoid when attempting to emulate the muggles.

Also considering doing some invisible ink and making our own marauder's maps of the school.

I'm incorporating all of the lessons into an escape room on the last day. The premise is that for the final test in their Muggle Studies program their teacher's have portkeyed them into a typical muggle classroom. They have to assemble a new portkey in order to get back to Hogwarts, but they have to prove that they can get out without using any magic that would alert the muggles. 

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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Here's a short "what's your patronus" personality quiz, hope it helps. Can easily be expanded to add more questions or animals.

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Here's a Scavenger hunt I made using some things that I found on here also, so thanks to the original uploaders! Students must find the missing words and items and also just do random photo tasks. Hope someone finds it useful

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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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I made this Harry Potter RPG game which I think would be great for a Harry Potter camp! It takes about an hour to complete.

CLICK HERE:,103153.0.html
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Just finished my harry potter camp last week. Elementary students grades 5-6. 20 students for 3 hours a day. a lot of lessons and ideas came from waygook but some like the hogsmeade candy workshop and wizard's chess came from watching the movies and weeks of stressing over what to do. Hope it's helpful!

Day 1: Introduction
Sorting hat
wand design
design banners

Day 2: Potions
Care of magical creatures

Day 3: Hogsmeade
Evil wizard

Day 4: Quidditch trashball quiz
Quidditch tag
Wizard's chess

Day 5: Scavenger hunt
Classroom cleaning
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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Day 3 files - Hogsmeade candy workshop
Evil wizard game

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Day 4 files

Quidditch trashball quiz
Quidditch tag (I used ferrero rocher as the golden snitch - kids loved it!)
Wizard's chess (Some kids who were knocked out early got bored - i'd recommend having an extra activity to do)

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Day 2 files

Potions - I used this video as a warmup and asked kids to predict the reactions, the kids really liked it.
The baking soda and vinegar experiment didn't work very well. It's messy and not very exciting. Corn starch, water and food coloring was much more fun but also messy and the food coloring is hard to wash off.
Care of magical creatures ( - this video gives a pretty good demonstration on how to make a unicorn. About 5 of my kids were able to do it right. Some came quite close and a few kids messed up. Overall it was pretty good. Two kids made frogs instead and they really jump so you could have a jumping frog race as well).

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Day 5
Scavenger hunt - I got this from from somewhere on waygook and just added some fantastic beasts photos to the start. The idea was that fantastic beasts is also about finding stuff i guess. It went pretty well.
Interactive game - I didn't have time to try it but it looks fun

Also, one extra idea I had would be to create a three stage competition based on the triwizard tournament. I didn't have time to put something together but it could be a cool idea :).

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Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Hi Guys,

We did a Harry Potter themed winter camp at our English Centre. We got a lot of ideas (*cough*stole) from Waygook so thank you to everyone for posting all of your amazing content!

I've created a Google Drive folder so with everything we used including fonts, the first movie  subtitles (play using GOM Player), workbooks, PPTs, decorations, inventory lists and instructions.

Being an English Centre we had about 75 students a week ranging from ES3 to MS3. Our students a broken down into five teams for classes.  Level one is 3 and 4, Level two is 5 and 5, and Level 3 is middle school.

Our week looked like this:
Monday - Sorting hat, Ministry ID's and House activities
Tuesday - Classes (5 per day)
Wednesday - Classes (5 per day)
Thursday - Classes (5 per day)
Friday - Tests, House activities, store,movie time and closing ceremony.

For decorating our classrooms we found this website really helpful. It's probably been posted on here a million times but it converts images into PDF's of various sizes.

We have a TV screen in the entrance of the centre so we had house points displayed through out the week using a PPT (in the folder).

I hope this is helpful for you and if you have any questions let me know!

Here is the link:

Re: Harry Potter Camp
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Time to give back some more.  I stole a lot of things from this thread, but also made some worksheets and adapted PPTs to fit my needs exactly.

This zip file is well organized with dope ass lesson plans that anyone can understand and utilize on the spot.

I included the supply list with current prices as of beginning of February with some links to the gmarket order pages.

In the archives you'll find some back up materials including lesson outlines for a Divinations and Transfigurations lesson.  I didn't use these because I came up with better ideas :P

So, feel free to use it as is for a kick ass 5 day winter camp, 90 minutes each day.  Feel free to let me know how this helped you dominate your future camps and feed your bright young children bad ass English skillz!

Link taken down and moved to a different site.  Contact me if you would like access to the files.

Open it WinRAR or anything else compatible.

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