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What do you make of this contract?
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I was recently offered a position to teach English at a school in Gumi. I didn't post the full contract, only certain parts that I was unsure of and wanted some feedback on. Thank you!

Regular hours of Employment:

Each class will consist of 50 minutes in length

The employee will work from Monday through Friday (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) or Tuesday through Saturday (excluding Sundays and Mondays) for a total of 30 classes per week. All classes exceeding 30 classes per week will be consider as overtime classes.

Overtime Hours of Employment:

The employee may choose to work overtime classes at the rate of W20,000won per class.


The base salary paid for regular hours of employment will be W2.1million won per month for 120 regularly scheduled classes, payable at the beginning of each month worked by the employee. The salary will be paid to the employee once per month without delay for a period of 12 months. Overtime classes will be calculated and paid per month at a rate of W25,000per class. In the event that the employer is unable to provide the employee with the regular 120 classes per month, the employee will still receive a guaranteed salary of W2.1million won per month.
 [I have a TESOL certificate, could I negotiate for more?]

Vacation Pay:

The employee will receive 10 paid vacation days per year which will include school summer
vacation for three days, winter vacation for two days and Session break days. Days on which the employee does not regularly work (i.e. Saturday and Sunday) are not to be considered as part of the vacation period.


The employer may dismiss the employee from employment under the following conditions:

a) Violation of the laws of the Republic of South Korea, or

b) Teaching classes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or

c) Being late for class on a continuous basis, or

d) Continuous failure to keep regularly scheduled class hours, or

e) Repeated absences from classes without a valid reason.

With the exception of Section 16.a and 16.b, above, the employer must first bring the problem to the attention of the employee in writing and make every reasonable effort to resolve the situation. The employee will then follow all reasonable directions of the employer, and make every reasonable effort to correct the problem. Circumstances beyond the control of the employee are exempt from this Section 16. Circumstances may include, but not limited to accident, death, and illness or  unpredicted events.

Termination of Contract:

Excepting Section 16, above, the employer or employee may cancel this contract with 60 days written notice. In the event that either party engages in, or demonstrates a pattern of verbal, physical or psychological abuse against the other party, this contract may be dissolved without prior notice. In the event that the employee seeks release from this contract, the employer must issue a letter of release to the employee upon request, without delay or fee being charged to the employee or potential employers. Under no circumstances shall the employer refuse the employee a letter of release or hinder the employee from securing future employment in Korea.

[So if this school turns out to be a nightmare, I can leave by giving them a 60 day notice and leave without having to pay anything and be able to work at another school after?]

Thanks for any and all help!
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Re: What do you make of this contract?
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2.1 is to low!!

It's 2016 not 2001, I knew people in 2001 that made more than that just out of university.

Minimum pay should be 2.3 at least.

Re: What do you make of this contract?
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Why do the overtimes not match. First it says 20,000 then it says 25,000. Which is it? I think legally it's only 30 days you have to give notice. But I could be wrong.
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