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« on: November 10, 2016, 06:02:36 pm »
Hello all. Happy to finally share my first homemade original PPt game.

This is the game I was having trouble with making a few weeks ago and posted here seeking help. I never found a perfect solution to what I wanted, but found a way to create something decent and make it work. I held off on sharing it until all of my open classes were finished, but now that those are done...I'm ready to share it.

It works basically like the Angry birds game (assemble/gather this and that to win the game). There is no " bomb". It also uses the font from the previously shared pokemon game ( that font is included in the zip)

It was my first attempt so none of the sounds are embedded. The .zip file includes all the sounds, videos, font...etc. If anyone with more experience than myself can assist with fixing this up ( see my previous post about the trouble I was having) that would be appreciated.

Check the last few slides of the presentation to see all the notes/rules..etc.


Re: PPAP Game
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sorry guys, i uploaded the wrong version. PLease see new thread and mods..please delete this one