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GEPIK & Hagwons
« on: October 06, 2016, 12:09:17 pm »
I have been looking over the many posts and boards religiously but due to all the information(which I am highly grateful for) I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. I was hoping to post a new topic and get some information from here directly to help decide what I would like to do to teach in Korea. I started off this past January by applying to EPIK through Greenheart Travel for the fall 2016 intake. I was currently still teaching in China until May and long story short I didn't get documents in time so I was waitlisted after being accepted by EPIK. After not making it off the waitlist I had to reapply for spring of 2017 but was told by my recruiter it wouldn't be an issue. For some reason(that EPIK didn't give myself or my recruiter) I was rejected despite having been accepted just a few months prior. Because Greenheart Travel doesn't work with GEPIK I am with Korvia know but my recruiter says it is too late to apply to GEPIK for next March. Is this correct? I've read conflicting information on GEPIK being year round and only seasonal. I have all my documents ready, copied, and waiting to be mailed out. My other option would be hagwons which I am considering but would appreciate any guidance on making sure I find a reputable one. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am set on teaching in Korea, have my documents and am hoping to not have to wait until next fall to get there. I have a BA, 120 hour TEFL, and full contract year of teaching English in China. I'm torn between trying to make it to GEPIK or educating myself on hagwons so I can ask the right questions and not get entirely screwed over. Thank you in advance and sorry for the redundant post from a newbie to the world of teaching in Korea!!!!

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Re: GEPIK & Hagwons
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GEPIK now falls under EPIK so you would be applying to EPIK and indicating Gyeonggi as your location of preference. It definitely isn't too late to apply for Spring 2017, but those positions begin mid-February, not March. Not sure if that makes a difference in your process, but there are no Gyeonggi positions available through EPIK with a March 2017 start date.

It may be different (not through EPIK) if you apply directly to the Gyeonggi Office of Education. I'm not familiar with that process so I don't know if it is something a recruiter might do or if you can go it alone.

As for hagwons, there are definitely good and bad. If you find one/some and do your research it is possible to have a good job with decent working conditions.

Best of luck!

Re: GEPIK & Hagwons
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Thank you so much for your help!!!