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Re: Korean girl explains why westerners living in Asia are losers
« Reply #360 on: February 18, 2020, 09:45:41 am »
You know this board is getting seriously boring again when
posts from 2016 are being dredged up.

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Re: Korean girl explains why westerners living in Asia are losers
« Reply #361 on: March 16, 2020, 07:44:00 pm »
I am quite keen for you to elaborate on your statement. It appears to me that you think that anyone who hasn't had the privilege of going to college or receiving what you would deem 'an education', whatever that is, is a loser.

Can you correct me if I misinterpreted your statement?

Read Nuke's statement as an SAT question. It seams that lack of an education and qualifications is but one (2?) of the qualification(s) for a real loser.  I am curious what the other qualifications are.

JMN, I would still like him to answer the question that I posed.

In my experience there are plenty of people that would qualify via his definition but are definitely not losers.

Case in point, I met one of my past high school students a while back, who on a good day was, shall we say it kindly, less than average academically.

I asked him what he was doing and he replied he worked for IBM. I thought he had landed an office job but he informed me he was a trouble-shooter for IBM, on 24 hour standby to be flown to anywhere in the world and he could charge them whatever rate per hour he deemed suitable.

I was startled to say the least and asked him which uni he went to and what were his qualifications ? He informed me that after leaving school (and in fact while still at school) he had taught himself everything he could about hardware, software and programming and had not gone to uni.

I asked him if he ever intended to go to uni and his reply was, Why? they can't teach me anything.

So if you looked at this young man, who is making an obscene amount of money, on the surface, one would think he is a loser, but clearly he isn't.

If you were born with the talent or brain that is good at doing that IT stuff when most others can't, you'll get work.  I knew a guy who was a high school drop out, but he could fix things and do programming IT stuff.  He makes a couple of hundred thousand a year.  Companies are desperate for those type of people.  If he didn't have that talent, then he'd be working for 10 or 15 dollars an hour in some crappy job.