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Are Sci-Fi movies un-popular here?

Started by modman23

When Koreans are the bad guys (in movies/tv)

Started by Suz-goose

Ranking the Avenger's movies. Which one is best?

Started by MaTruCar

Former English Teacher Making Documentary About Dokdo

Started by CDW

What's that song?

Started by Pennypie

Making Music?

Started by plet9090

Dr Who in theatres?

Started by DireneedofDrPepper

Concerts this week in Seoul, Busan, Cheorwon (08.14-08.17)

Started by terivinix

Movie - Draft day - Kevin Costner

Started by marshmellow man

Starwars Retribution.... NOT

Started by iamrhart

Tangled with Korean Subtitles?

Started by faye.saechao86


Started by Atomaru


Started by DireneedofDrPepper

Is Frozen an Example of White Privilege?

Started by CDW

"The Interview" - Comedy movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

North Korea apparently made a movie they are trying to market

Started by rocketeerjoe

Are there any happy hardcore DJs in Korea?

Started by specter13

Name this blues tune:

Started by L I

It'sBack (defiance)

Started by iamrhart

Fuel for the Kpop haters

Started by aklimkewicz

Kimchi can be a teaching material?

Started by Jangyoung

Suggestions? Movies for USA Summer Camp grades 1-6

Started by ShanaC

4D Cinema

Started by hick

A song that made me think

Started by L I

Korean Punk 2003: 14 bands for 10 bucks

Started by terivinix

Godzilla surprise: It's actually supposed to be good

Started by GoCyclones

Which website r u watching ur movies-series from?

Started by nik2014

Best villain in a video game and why?

Started by specter13

What is your favorite RPG game per system?

Started by specter13

Any Filmakers/Documentary makers who are also Christians in Korea?

Started by bowmansbrain

Ping Pong trick shots with fighting games

Started by trangoii

Goat Simulator

Started by specter13

Po Pow Pay

Started by iamrhart

Good books for Low-Level Middle School Students?

Started by beth.mg2

Gaming Laptop Procurement

Started by hunter.ashton

The Giver

Started by iamrhart


Started by iamrhart

Storybook (with CD) Ideas?

Started by Consuwella


Started by specter13

Cult Classics in your home country.

Started by ravenlock


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