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Started by #basedcowboyshirt

What're you listening to right now?

Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Childish Gambino's This Is America M/V

Started by 67uicv29

Jurassic park korean release date

Started by ab2rown

Korean singers (kpop star etc) covering English Songs - List?

Started by akempster88

Fuel for the Kpop haters

Started by aklimkewicz

The Walking Dead Season 5 Thread!

Started by aklimkewicz

'The Birth of Korean Cool': Anyone on this forum read it yet?

Started by albie2011

Korean War Movies

Started by alexc2000

Bohemian Rhapsody: Kiss Scenes

Started by AlivePoet


Started by allone23

The curious anti-Americanism of South Korean movies

Started by AMDC

Which are you more excited for: Marvel's Civil War or DC Batman versus Superman?

Started by amgoalng

Korean movies: how to watch with Korean / English subtitles option

Started by amgoalng

What else besides, "What does the Fox say?"

Started by amgoalng

Best books/ YouTube channels for written and / or verbal communication help

Started by amgoalng

How or why do people say Batman v Superman was good?

Started by amgoalng

Marvel and DC fans fight to the death event

Started by amgoalng

Vinyl comp with some underground Korean synth musicians

Started by Andyman

Songs that you can't decide if they are great or terrible

Started by Arabin

Novels about the EFL experience in South Korea.

Started by argaluza

Mainstream pop music you enjoy

Started by Aristocrat

Old Pennywise vs. New Pennywise, who is scarier?

Started by Aristocrat

Most depressing/disturbing movies you've seen.

Started by Aristocrat

What's your walk/drive/commute home from work song?

Started by Aristocrat

Dune trailer

Started by Aristocrat

The Little Princess (1995) Korean Subs

Started by Aristocrat

Movies that have NOT aged well and movies that have

Started by Aristocrat

What's your 'Would you like to come inside for 'coffee'?' song?

Started by Aristocrat

Looking for a comedy series

Started by Aristocrat

Your favourite Star Wars movie?

Started by Aristocrat

Hollywood flops you actually enjoyed

Started by Aristocrat

Eclectic musical tastes

Started by Artisis

Adventure Time DVDs

Started by atemporaryaccount

Enders Game?

Started by Atomaru

Thor: Dark World - Thoughts, opinions, excitement?

Started by Atomaru


Started by Atomaru

Ansan Valley Rock Fest 2013 TIMETABLE

Started by aurorabrz

수상한그녀 (Korean movie, Miss Granny) with English subtitles

Started by baedaebok

Music producers?

Started by beginners_falafel


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