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Best girl group

Started by travish65742

If you could recast Star Wars: A New Hope. Who would you choose?

Started by jercape

Who Is your favorite singer

Started by kenny

Korean films

Started by Brirish

Prometheus question (spoiler)...

Started by Bump

Dance to Nothing but 90's K-Pop

Started by doerrtim

2013 Korean Music Awards

Started by wrinklebump

Favorite Movie Quotes!

Started by JeremyC

Good online radio stations for korean music?

Started by Chaya

What Music Have You Introduced To Your Students?

Started by FalseFace

Lost AKA the best show ever, seriously

Started by papayapie

Songs about cities.. Is it an American thing?

Started by Hongsam

Flying Lotus Fans?

Started by FalseFace

Bowie's back!

Started by gclancy

Psy announces his new song "Gentleman"

Started by boeta777


Started by Super Color Super


Started by Super Color Super

The DODOS - Korea Tour 05.24

Started by Super Color Super

Good podcast or other informative/scholarly things to listen to?

Started by gtrain83

Anyone like The Walking Dead? (spoilers)

Started by waterfall12

Books on Korean history

Started by oatmealkooky

the DICKPUNKS?!? (딕펑스)

Started by dachiza727

Veronica Mars (tv show) to become!

Started by papayapie

Any good recent Spanish films?

Started by KaizenCanadian

Grey’s Anatomy Vs. True Blood

Started by MarkJohnson

Harikiri ...great japanese period drama

Started by grajoker

Shabazz Palaces(7.2-7.4)

Started by Super Color Super

Korean singers (kpop star etc) covering English Songs - List?

Started by akempster88

The great video-game soundtrack thread

Started by damof

Ansan Valley Rock Fest 2013 TIMETABLE

Started by aurorabrz

Red Wedding

Started by kokopelli5128

Favorite Scenes from Tv or Movies (Potential Spoilers)

Started by Solaris

Chuseok Korean film festival with subtitles for Expats.

Started by Samuel Lorca

New Girl Season 3

Started by MarkJohnson

Arrested Development season 4 - your thoughts?

Started by KaizenCanadian

Breaking Bad

Started by fishead

A Horror Story in Two Sentences or Less

Started by livzy

Snowpiercer - question about subtitles in the theatre

Started by yitzike

What's Interesting Reading on the 'Net? Just curious...

Started by JeremyC

Rock band looking for a singer

Started by MattAwesome


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