Ongoing Contract Review  - You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions. 

Please any advice on my first Hagwon contract?

Started by naomijos

URGENT: Contract Review Help (24hrs to decide) (Ewha ALS, Suwon)

Started by tjmeagher94

MOVED: Advice on Hagwon Branch

Started by Yaya

Newer school

Started by kiki_3d

Hagwon Contract Review.. Advice?

Started by fatima944

Hagwon contract review

Started by taija

My first hagwon contract -- please advise!

Started by editrice74

First Korean hagwan Contract.. Please help?

Started by Reida_Lott

First Contract - Any feedback appreciated!

Started by caligurl10810

Kindie Contract Review

Started by mw2

Another Contract

Started by dalkyr

Hagwon Contract, thoughts?

Started by Conner42

First contract ever, Advice please.

Started by 0nete3

Contract to teach with SLP

Started by hesperiina

Another Contract Please review

Started by Reida_Lott

Contract Concerns

Started by dalkyr

Contract Concerns

Started by cteagle

Korean hagwon contract... can someone please review?

Started by spaeroe

Another contract review request?

Started by not a dad

Contract for Beijing, China

Started by brittpeezy

Just to confirm, is this a bad contract?

Started by not a dad

Avalon Contract?

Started by rebish

First Contract Outside of EPIK

Started by kiki_3d

Are the Terms in this Contract Okay?

Started by asuka

Please help me figure out whether I should agree to this contract.

Started by jrmcgee

Sample Contract -First Time Teacher

Started by rh1990

Contract looking normal but short and vague?

Started by eej35

Holy Mother!! This contract left me speechless......

Started by samwh

MOVED: Leaving EPIK/Visa Concerns

Started by Yaya

Back Again! clarification on part of a contract

Started by samwh

First contract, help appreciated!

Started by h4l3y

CDI April Yeongtong contract

Started by TEFLOL

Avalon contract-need to respond ASAP!

Started by TEFLOL

Can somebody review this contract for me?

Started by frozechimp

Is this a $%&* contract?

Started by samwh

MOVED: My bonus is not going to be paid?????

Started by Yaya

Moving from public to hagwon: need help

Started by jsieh39

Please give me advice on this hagwon contract

Started by Will2

Hagwon contract- Is this Standard?!?

Started by mimimiscellany

MOVED: Quitting 1.5 Years In

Started by Yaya


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