Ongoing Contract Review  - You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions. 

Is this any good?

Started by SuperDoodle23

My first contract... Help would be appreciated :)

Started by Overthewater

My First Contract -- any good?

Started by wbarronr

Is this a good deal?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Newbie with 1st contract! Any reviews helpful

Started by patriciamrozek

Our First Contract. Would love to get some input

Started by loganme

Another Contract

Started by loganme

This might be the place for me, but am still trying to be cautious..

Started by Emmama

Contract in need of review, and bonus rant to go with it.

Started by Emmama

First Contract in Korea

Started by bubbletea

1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.

Started by sj_one18

Could use some advice on this contract please!

Started by Emmama

First time teaching contract. Please review!

Started by turtles

please read! 1st sample contract

Started by jstarc

Hagwon contract - confused!

Started by hibernia

Contract help please!

Started by missc.2014

First time teacher. First contract. Please advise

Started by EthanM

My First Contract. Please help. Something seems off with it...

Started by scottash

First ever contract, HELP

Started by Bruntas

Another contract that I would like opinions on!

Started by kmitch20

Would like some suggestions about this contract. Is it decent?

Started by kmitch20

My first contract- Is this a good offer?

Started by miabeyle

Thinking of taking this job

Started by gypsyjena7

Another contract, please help!

Started by jmekeller

First contract, please help!

Started by gypsyjena7

Thinking of accepting this

Started by Redondo

I think this contract is off

Started by machina2k1

SLP Ilsan sample contract?

Started by jmekeller

Another contract! Please help!

Started by -Guardian-

I need some help reviewing a contract!

Started by -Guardian-

Vacation Time in Contract

Started by coomac

Contract Review

Started by ghawk

My first contract offer....I think it's pretty laughable.

Started by clf4856

Is this contract acceptable?

Started by -Guardian-

My first contract! Please review!

Started by aero

Contract review! Any help will be very much appreciated!

Started by 29526forever

I need to answer my school by today with my decision; Contract help asap please!

Started by AnniXuan

You have never seen a contract quite like mine!

Started by emark

Contract Review - thanks

Started by twinsaurus

Contract Review! It seems very vague

Started by Austinp1224


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