Ongoing Contract Review  - You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions. 

Please look at this contract for me!

Started by amora009

CONTRACT HELP, PLEASE! Decision needs to be made by Wednesday!!

Started by LaChaca

Contract help!

Started by lauren elizabeth

Some contract help please!

Started by lauren elizabeth


Started by Jeter2

Contract Help!

Started by Jeter2

New contract, please help

Started by PhiipG

New Contract - Need help/review!

Started by mblue

NOOB ALERT: Please help review this contract!

Started by sadiespades

Contract Help- Have to make decision by tomorrow!

Started by Jeter2

Leaving EPIK, need help with contract review

Started by cmodea

Hi could anyone please look over this contract? It would be much appreciated :)

Started by PhiipG

Newbie to Korea- Contract Review

Started by Jeter2

First hagwon job search... how much will I regret leaving a public school?

Started by kjf1210

Ever worked at Sahmyook? Contract review

Started by lindseydarcy

My first job offer--SLP

Started by lindseydarcy

Contract Review help!

Started by kellermanr

Contract Review (newbie)

Started by wrightst

Contract Review- New to Korea

Started by pattywack

Newbie. Please offer any advice on this job contract!

Started by kellermanr

Topia contract - any thoughts? 1st Hagwon job offer

Started by PhishFood

Please review my contract, I'm nervous :/

Started by kimchiyum

Brighton Language Academy (JEONGSANG LANGUAGE SCHOOL)

Started by lindseydarcy

Oddly short contract?

Started by seoulopathy

Ok, so how about THIS contract?

Started by adventuress-of-interest

This school looks pretty good so far, any thoughts about the contract?

Started by adventuress-of-interest

First Time Contract!

Started by sampson

My first job offer :O

Started by adventuress-of-interest

Have to make decision by tomorrow! >.<

Started by pseudonym13

Interview tomorrow!! Please help!

Started by pseudonym13

Scared Newbie's First Contract

Started by pseudonym13

Regarding confidentiality clauses

Started by gflips

Contract in Pyeongtaek. What do you think?

Started by andbutso21

Contract- start date in May.

Started by bcourser

Can someone check this Korean translation is accurate?

Started by Redondo

Here we go again! What a Joy!

Started by Haibrok

Bad or Awful?

Started by Haibrok

Is this contract as shady as it seems?

Started by Haibrok

Review Please!

Started by aero


Started by DrDialUp


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