Ongoing Contract Review  - You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions. 

"Another one" - DJ Khaled

Started by msbh

18 month contract... going to see if they will change to 12 ..thoughts otherwise

Started by natashagwitt

1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.

Started by sj_one18

2nd or 3rd Pair of Eyes

Started by omiko09

Advice / opinion on Contract needed **should i stay or should i go**

Started by Ty-Bone

All done thank you

Started by Amswein1

All done thank you!

Started by Amswein1

Another Contract

Started by dalkyr

Another Contract

Started by loganme

Another Contract Please review

Started by Reida_Lott

Another contract review request?

Started by not a dad

Another contract that I would like opinions on!

Started by kmitch20

Another Contract to Look Over

Started by LivingLife1234

Another contract! Please help!

Started by -Guardian-

Another contract, please help!

Started by jmekeller

Another Hagwon Contract

Started by hesperiina

Anyone Here?

Started by abroad_plz

Are the Terms in this Contract Okay?

Started by asuka


Started by DrDialUp

Avalon Contract

Started by Jeter2

Avalon contract-need to respond ASAP!

Started by TEFLOL

Avalon Contract?

Started by rebish

Back Again! clarification on part of a contract

Started by samwh

Bad or Awful?

Started by Haibrok

Brighton Language Academy (JEONGSANG LANGUAGE SCHOOL)

Started by lindseydarcy

Bundang contract review

Started by sk71s6n

Can I get some feedback on this contract?

Started by jjohnso22

Can somebody review this contract for me?

Started by frozechimp

Can someone check this Korean translation is accurate?

Started by Redondo

CDI April Yeongtong contract

Started by TEFLOL

Check out the contract - advice please

Started by cottagecheese

Co-teacher trying to offload work. Is this legit?

Started by Blast Hardcheese


Started by steel151


Started by ghawk

Contract Concerns

Started by dalkyr

Contract Concerns

Started by cteagle

Contract for Beijing, China

Started by brittpeezy

Contract help please!

Started by missc.2014

Contract help with Hagwon school? First time teaching in Korea

Started by AnniXuan

Contract Help!

Started by Jeter2


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