Ongoing Contract Review  - You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions. 

Another contract! Please help!

Started by -Guardian-

Is this contract acceptable?

Started by -Guardian-

I need some help reviewing a contract!

Started by -Guardian-

First contract ever, Advice please.

Started by 0nete3

Contract review! Any help will be very much appreciated!

Started by 29526forever

Anyone Here?

Started by abroad_plz

This school looks pretty good so far, any thoughts about the contract?

Started by adventuress-of-interest

My first job offer :O

Started by adventuress-of-interest

Ok, so how about THIS contract?

Started by adventuress-of-interest

Please help me review this contract!

Started by aeasjnn

Review Please!

Started by aero

My first contract! Please review!

Started by aero

Employment insurance? Contract help!

Started by aisy

contract review please!(kindy job)

Started by aisy

These two contracts are SO different!!

Started by albeka02

Please look at this contract for me!

Started by amora009

All done thank you!

Started by Amswein1

All done thank you

Started by Amswein1

Contract in Pyeongtaek. What do you think?

Started by andbutso21

contract review - Jinja Sisa Language Institute

Started by andrewces

I need to answer my school by today with my decision; Contract help asap please!

Started by AnniXuan

Contract help with Hagwon school? First time teaching in Korea

Started by AnniXuan

First time teaching hoping for opinions on a contract

Started by aomahon

Got my first job offer. Please review my contract. :)

Started by Askalon

Are the Terms in this Contract Okay?

Started by asuka

Prospective Contract

Started by aucmitch

Contract Review! It seems very vague

Started by Austinp1224

Save me!

Started by Bamtori

Contract question, I think they are trying to cheat

Started by bclarky12

Contract- start date in May.

Started by bcourser

Contract Review Help

Started by beorujin

questions about EPIK contract

Started by bird212

Co-teacher trying to offload work. Is this legit?

Started by Blast Hardcheese

URGENT! Can a few people check my first contract?

Started by Blu65

Contract for Beijing, China

Started by brittpeezy

First Contract - Please review :) (:

Started by bronxhomie

First ever contract, HELP

Started by Bruntas

First Contract in Korea

Started by bubbletea

First Contract - Any feedback appreciated!

Started by caligurl10810

First Time Teacher - Contract Review

Started by ChaunnaMichole


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