Middle-School Lessons

Conversation Class Lessons

Started by Tinsley

3 OK lessons

Started by erlend

Che's Health Lesson

Started by chelinostatrabajando

American Football Culture

Started by Rumbledy Hump

Describing People Class

Started by jabretner

Everyday Hero. Miracle on the Hudson. ppt

Started by sbk

Animation Short + worksheet lesson

Started by MissSA

Christmas Around the World - Presentation and Games - Zero prep

Started by Mister Tim

Social Media Game

Started by Sharee

K-Drama Lesson

Started by esorgi

Another Pub Quiz game

Started by hwana

Fun/Funny, Scared/Scary

Started by kbruck8

Viral Christmas Videos (Filler Lesson)

Started by meagansimplify

Debate Camp

Started by Alex Hoy

Animation Shorts - Great for after the exams!

Started by sonya


Started by jimineenz

American Accent Training Lesson 01

Started by chelinostatrabajando

Avatar: The Last Airbender Lessons

Started by kareuchim

What is Beauty? [Lesson]

Started by leo fuchigami

Just another pub quiz

Started by bigfishlittlefish

Trump Lesson - No Prep

Started by ngc09

Horror escape game

Started by vonspacetime

Ordering Food Fun/Casual Lesson

Started by amandaintheworld

Create-a-sport, adjusted for camp or other 'fun' classes

Started by theheretik

Halloween Game

Started by IanTedstone

Halloween Video and Worksheets

Started by johanpyoung

review game with castles and dragons.

Started by vonspacetime

Discrimination Lesson Plan

Started by jasond623

Warmer Activities: Listening test & Commonly Misspelled words

Started by azalea14

Lesson using 'isn't it' / 'doesn't it?'

Started by Lexx87

Transliteration and Acrostic Name Poem

Started by merle

The Earth

Started by erlend

Middle School Grade 1 - Giving Directions

Started by CardinalMont

Che's Culture Shock Lesson

Started by chelinostatrabajando

Che's Fashion Lesson

Started by chelinostatrabajando

Princess and the Pea Running Dictation

Started by Datasapien

Middle School MAN VS WILD CAMP

Started by jiepeyman

Conversation lesson idea = easy prep, no specific topic

Started by janet1992

Poetry Lessons

Started by Datasapien

Back from summer break/postcards

Started by adelle56


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