Middle-School Lessons

Parties PPT

Started by potblackettle

Facebook Self-Introduction

Started by soyoungi

K-pop 7

Started by whitespider

Create your own Graphic Novel / Comic Book

Started by stemarty

The Simpsons English Lesson

Started by Abes

End of Year: ICE AGE 4 Workbook

Started by strawberry

America's Got Talent, Howard Stern Makes 7 year old cry Lesson

Started by Nobbie Q

Pokemon Adventure (Occupations)

Started by septeacher

Alternative Lesson ' Mr Bean's haircut'

Started by GumiGez

A simple family tree template

Started by sarawebb7

"Mexican Food: A Delicious Lesson"

Started by cwhetsell

Food Bomb Game

Started by Karolina13

Personality Test

Started by Harry Yeong

Sign Language: Cultural awareness and describing

Started by j.coyle

Legend of Korra After Finals Lesson

Started by evolutionbassist

Lesson 02 - Madlibs Crazy Superheroes (Comics)

Started by gidget

All Girls Middle School Movie Trailers Lesson

Started by kkwalter

Chat Speak (PPT and Worksheet)

Started by andrewgb1986@gmail.com

High Level Holiday Shopping Game/December Holidays Lesson

Started by engai89

Bruno Mars: Just the way you are

Started by las

Super Heroes Listening Quiz and Activity

Started by djackman24

Grade 1 or 2 Giving Directions Lesson Plan

Started by kschaeffer

Donkey Kong Adventure Game (template)

Started by stemarty

N.E.A.T. themed classes for the end of the year...any ideas?

Started by courtlandmiles

Simple game for practicing vocabulary - Hello, Kitty themed

Started by lauren elizabeth

How to read Korean money

Started by lasmooth18

Hearts, Guns, and Bombs - Prepositions

Started by MikeW

You must, you should, you can

Started by stucoe

"MEGA K-Pop Speed Quiz"

Started by cwhetsell

Dungeons and Dragons Lesson?

Started by rednumberix

Alternative Lesson 'Diego Maradona'

Started by GumiGez

Fast Food - Calories Lesson

Started by CraigIK

It's bad for you! (Too much, not enough)

Started by stucoe

The Secret Garden Book

Started by cocosheff

Endangered Animals. PPT, Lesson Plan and Worksheet

Started by danielspaniel

Dates (years only), there was/were - 80 minute lesson

Started by catsoup

Should/Must/Have to lesson

Started by CraigIK

Fun Phrases (idioms/colloquial phrases for after school class)

Started by hwana

Pixar short animation film - LIFTED

Started by sdk

Alternative Lesson 'Daily Routines'

Started by GumiGez


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