Middle-School Lessons

Similes with As

Started by SquidTeacher

Helpful Insects

Started by SquidTeacher

A Lesson on 7 - Eleven

Started by ainbro1999

General Music Quiz

Started by ross.d

45min airport lesson (immigration) with game

Started by hwana

Mr Bean presents: Fact or Fiction? Fun Guessing Game (Good for all levels)

Started by stemarty

New Years Resolutions lesson

Started by whitespider

Superstar/Celebrity Lesson (Descriptions)

Started by tashi.mango

Letters to Santa

Started by simplypanda

December Holidays (everything but Christmas!)

Started by jenilyn8705

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean Worksheet

Started by Heloisestankard

Winter Sports Lesson + "Snowball" Bomb game

Started by superhaz

Family Feud/Top 5 game adaptation. Good for big classes after exams

Started by alikaz


Started by ci2012

Stop Smoking Lesson

Started by ryanahp

I Got To Be Fluent, trillions WARM UP Song

Started by apantelmann

New-Style (More Difficult) Kpop Quiz

Started by stucoe


Started by nebulasprout

Sight/Smell Food Lesson

Started by nebulasprout

Describing Food Lesson and Worksheet

Started by nebulasprout

History of Video games

Started by madison79

Santa's Workshop - A Short Theatrical Play

Started by Seanzilla

Fun/Funny Lesson

Started by abbeykaye.raa

School Rules - PPT and Lesson Plan

Started by danielspaniel

Time Capsule Lesson

Started by doinmahbest

Special Lesson: The Story of Billy Elliot

Started by sheila

I Got To Be Fluent 1- 20 Billion Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

American Thanksgiving PPT and Video Links (Intermediate - Advanced)

Started by andrewgb1986

Superlatives Lesson

Started by echo47

Ways kids make money-Middle School Jobs

Started by doinmahbest

Article/Conversation Class Worksheets (High Level Middle School)

Started by tygerlife

Flags of the world

Started by tumnamen

American vs British English

Started by adfletch83

After School Small Video Lesson

Started by kclark14

I Got To Be Fluent - Fruit - Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

Buying flowers lesson

Started by doinmahbest

Pharmacy and medicine Lesson

Started by doinmahbest

I Got To Be Fluent 100-2000 Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

I Got To Be Fluent 1-20 Techno Song

Started by apantelmann

Idioms (food & people) - Middle School

Started by Ivy Belle


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