Middle-School Lessons

Any Activities/ Ideas for a lesson about making complaints

Started by colamberth

Places Lesson - Case study: Nigeria

Started by janet1992

Story Books foe ES and MS

Started by spacebubble12

I Got To Be Fluent - Fruit - Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

I Got To Be Fluent 100-2000 Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

How tall is the school - Two Hour English Math Lesson Camp

Started by iainr10

Recommended textbook?

Started by kimchikiwi

Buying flowers lesson

Started by doinmahbest

1984/Rm101 Vocab and Speaking Activity - High level

Started by kitty.cat

Halloween-Design your own Costume

Started by skountz

Determiners/Article A/An/The

Started by Mantice_1

I Got To Be Fluent 1- 20 Billion Warm Up SONG

Started by apantelmann

Stop Smoking Lesson

Started by ryanahp

Reading Lessons: Skateboarding and Heavy Metal

Started by Brady

Seolnal Lesson

Started by LeaKorea

UK Remembrance Day Lesson (with sound effects)

Started by GotMyTowel

Roman Republic for high level 2nd graders

Started by theheretik

Santa's Workshop - A Short Theatrical Play

Started by Seanzilla

I Got To Be Fluent, trillions WARM UP Song

Started by apantelmann

Chicago Style Pizza vocabulary/reading/writing/speaking lesson

Started by Pizza

GTKY Sample Survey

Started by toddsqui

Meals & Times of the day

Started by Zealot_Hill

Summer Beach party Lesson

Started by zedicus

Loan Words Current Affairs Reading and Roleplay Lesson

Started by salambander


Started by anniemariedevi

I Got To Be Fluent 1-20 Techno Song

Started by apantelmann

Lesson using 'isn't it' / 'doesn't it?'

Started by Lexx87

Asking for classroom items - WARM UP

Started by b1i2a3

Not Giving In music video

Started by inkyeternity

This is the Periodic Table, Noble gas is stable...

Started by theheretik

What Can You Do?

Started by nebulasprout

Forest Lesson

Started by daniel1991

A Lesson on 7 - Eleven

Started by ainbro1999

Alternative Lesson 'Saying Yes or No'

Started by GumiGez

Paper is not dead! Intermediate-advanced

Started by sarahteacher3

Italian Cannoli Vocabulary/Reading/Writing/Speaking Lesson

Started by Pizza

Modified FourFootprints Halloween Lesson

Started by noobTeacher612

Elections Lesson Using SuperHeroes

Started by Hal Horn

America's Got Talent, Howard Stern Makes 7 year old cry Lesson

Started by Nobbie Q

Sentence Construction & Fluency 6

Started by Johan the didactor


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