Elementary Lessons

Top Five Quizes for review lessons

Started by CMC2668

Present Tense SpeakingGame (great filler)

Started by Pizza

Adverbs of frequency - How often do you...? DICE GAME

Started by CMC2668

'Would you rather...?' Game

Started by notboringenglish

The ULTIMATE Illustrated Writing Game

Started by rocketeerjoe

3/4 grade PwrPt. Lesson Plans - Animals (pokemon) & Seasons

Started by Shaddock

Do you teach elementary students sight words?

Started by luckksy

Adjective words for People

Started by tanishatempest

Pass the Ball Game Music Video - Can use with any target language with no prep

Started by CMC2668

Favorite Animals Speaking Worksheet

Started by Pizza

Colors Top Five Quiz

Started by CMC2668

6th Grade Afterschool

Started by JenRenee

Kung Fu Panda Uno - Low Level

Started by ALifeQuixotic

1st and 2nd Grade Storybooks

Started by busybrainn

Months Of The Year Full Lesson Plan

Started by dfresh

Family Feud Game for 5th and 6th grade Elementary Students

Started by summerTimeFun

Talking Club Games

Started by FrancesS

Luigi's Mansion Hidden Game (Favorite)

Started by LightinDarkness

2 Solar System Packets (high & low)

Started by Pizza

Winter Camp Games

Started by brettwilkes

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer (tv movie) with Korean subs

Started by Nokcha

What do you want for Christmas? (good time filler before Christmas)

Started by Pizza

What do you like to do? speaking activity

Started by Pizza

African Safari Adventure Camp

Started by sethata

Family (elementary lesson material)

Started by Warrior

Letter Speak: Speaking Board Game

Started by Pizza

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Word Search (great time filler!)

Started by Pizza

Advice: Reading Storybooks for elementary

Started by jo_b33

Revised Cowboy Game with Thanksgiving theme

Started by Nokcha

5 minute chocolate cake

Started by gracie.devine

What time do you _______? Partner Speaking Acitivity

Started by Pizza

There is/There are Speaking Activity

Started by Pizza

Pixar Short Animation Lessons

Started by alecia_love

Halloween Songs and Worksheets

Started by English Tree

Halloween Monsters !

Started by dfresh

Olympic Games

Started by Bern.bio1703

Can you play the piano? Partner speaking activity

Started by Pizza

Thanksgiving Video Quiz

Started by rufus947

Writing Names Practice

Started by kairegan

Oral Activities for Large Primary School Classes

Started by wanderlust8


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