Elementary Lessons

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Story PPT s

Started by kaymac

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1st and 2nd grade advice needed.

Started by 전형숙

Advice for teaching my cousin?

Started by 제이

Kindergarten Lesson using "Hooray for Fish!" by Lucy Collins

Started by 19Evans

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Started by 6colorbracelet

Return to School!

Started by 93rdBen

Story -Brown bear

Started by aba43

Where am I? Game. Great game that goes well with rooms in a house.

Started by abcdefg123

Grades 1 and 2: Find the Shapes! Powerpoint with Flag Worksheets

Started by abcdefg123

Pororo Powerpoint Game: Seasons

Started by abcdefg123

What's This Bomb Game - dinosaurs (1st grade)

Started by acousticr

After School: No fixed start time?

Started by acousticr

Practical English classes

Started by acousticr

How do I teach kindergarten without visual aids??

Started by ada2q

She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain (Elementary school folk song)

Started by ADave

What's a kitchen? If you don't know, this video will clear it right up for you!

Started by ADave

The Communicative Classroom/ Reading Strategies

Started by ADave

Can you teach English? YES YOU CAN! It's easy when you use this song & video!

Started by ADave

Games Around the World -double lesson for Summer Camp or filler lesson.

Started by adeleclaudia

Countires -What country are you from

Started by adeleclaudia

Flash Pen for Grade3/4 after school class

Started by adeleclaudia

Kindergarten Fruit lesson

Started by adlez

A teen Upside down song

Started by adlez

I-Scream worksheets for 5th and 6th Grade

Started by afias2010

The Secret of Kells

Started by AHAND

WH- Question Flashcards

Started by ahnh87

Fun Quiz Game

Started by ahnh87

Tangled Worksheets for Elementary

Started by AJ2

EPIK Application Lesson plan

Started by ajk126

Speechless (Aladdin) MV Quiz/Lyric Worksheet

Started by ak1700

Beginning of Class - Motivational PPT's/Songs/Videos

Started by akedizzle

Cinco De Mayo lesson & Pinata Project

Started by Alcin

Pixar Short Animation Lessons

Started by alecia_love


Started by alexacullen

Some worksheets for elementary and intermediate students

Started by alexacullen

Kung Fu Panda Uno - Low Level

Started by ALifeQuixotic

Kindergarten Advice?

Started by Alwany

World Languages, Low-Level PPT and PDF

Started by al_batross

Elementary School St. Patty's Day

Started by amanda.marvin

Family Card Game: ages 3+

Started by amanyoudontmeeteveryday


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