Elementary Textbook-Lessons

Grade 6 Lesson 11 "What are you going to do tomorrow?"

Started by Kurisuti

(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 5 - Multi-Lesson Materials and Review Activities

Started by TheWB18

Daekyo Grade 3 Review 2

Started by amores

(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 5, Lesson 9 - "I Visited Dokdo"

Started by TheWB18

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 6, Lesson 13 - "What's Your Favorite Season?"

Started by meagan8477

(천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 6, Lesson 11 - "I'm Looking for a Shirt"

Started by plaguemonkey

Grade 6 "I'm faster than you" PPT download - laughing galore in this lesson!

Started by janet1992

(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 6, Lesson 13 - "When Did You Go to New York?"

Started by TheWB18

(천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 5, Lesson 11 - "There is a Monkey in the Tree"

Started by plaguemonkey

(YBM) Grade 6, Lesson 12 - "Do You Remember?"

Started by mrpopo

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 5, Lesson 13 - "She Looks Happy"

Started by Jase Teacher

(YBM) Grade 5, Lesson 12 - "Can You Join Us?"

Started by mrpopo

(YBM) Grade 5, Lesson 5 - "I Want to Make Cookies"

Started by jj_esl

Ideas for Pop song sing along for grade 5

Started by mmerza

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 5, Lesson 11 - "May I Speak to Yuna?"

Started by busanrock

Torrent of My Grade 3-6 Lesson PPTs

Started by kevin_627

Grade 6, Lesson 12 - Would You Like to Come to My Party? (Daegyo)

Started by keepemgreen

(천재교육 Cheonjae/Frances Sohn) Grade 6, Lesson 8 - "Would You Like to Come?"

Started by melissa2009

(YBM) Grade 6, Lesson 10 - "You're Taller than Me"

Started by mrpopo

(Cameron Wood) Grade 5, Lesson 13 - "I Usually Get Up at Seven"

Started by beano1982

(천재교육 Cheonjae/Frances Sohn) Grade 6, Lesson 9 - "I'm Going to Fly a Kite"

Started by sarahcanavese

(YBM) Grade 5, Lesson 9 - "How Was Your Summer Vacation?"

Started by mrpopo

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 5, Lesson 10 - "Where is the Music Room?"

Started by p33k

(천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 6, Lesson 10 - "Because We Should Save the Earth"

Started by plaguemonkey

(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 5, Lesson 11 - "What a Beautiful Palace!"

Started by TheWB18

(천재교육 Cheonjae/Frances Sohn) Grade 5, Lesson 9 - "This is My House"

Started by cwells

(YBM) Grade 6, Lesson 11 - "This is My Blog"

Started by mrpopo

미래엔 (Mirae-en) Grade 5, Lesson 9, Try Some!

Started by bebethao

Grade 6 Cheonjae Lesson 10 - big class survey & whisper game!

Started by paigemillington

Cheonjae Grade 6- How often do u? PPT game, play with big dice.

Started by Mrs.Baia

Grade 6 Lesson 11 - Hallasan Is Higher Than Jirisan (Daegyo)

Started by p33k

(천재교육 Cheonjae/Frances Sohn) Grade 6, Lesson 6 - "It's Next to the Bank"

Started by amoshoftekoa

Grade 5 This is my House -PROJECT IDEA & PPT GAME (Cheonjae), Frances Sohn

Started by Mrs.Baia

(YBM) Grade 6, Lesson 9 - "What Can I Do for You?"

Started by mrpopo

Grade 6 - Lesson 10: May I Try Some? (대교 - Daegyo)

Started by CALNY

Smart English 2 Unit 1

Started by Pattinsons

(YBM) Grade 5, Lesson 8 - "We Can't Change the Time"

Started by mrpopo

(Cameron Wood) Grade 5, Lesson 10 - "Do You Know About Songpyeon?"

Started by beano1982

Teaching weather - Grade 6 "I'm going to fly a kite"

Started by Mrs.Baia

(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 6, Lesson 10 - "I Saw a Mask Dance in Andong"

Started by TheWB18


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