**English Magic Box Junior Academy looking for passionate teachers**
EMB is looking for qualified homeroom teachers to serve as a kindergarten to elementary school age teacher. 1. Roles and Responsibilities You will be a homeroom teacher for our kindergarten students and you will be teaching mainly kindergarten classes with some elementary classes in the afternoons.   You will be responsible for the following: • Plan, prepare and deliver lessons • Prepare teaching materials ahead of time • Grade regular homework assignments • Prepare and create tests and examinations • Track and report students’ performance and give feedback • Teach kindergarten students ages 6-7 speaking, stories, arts and crafts, songs, phonics, reading, and writing • Teach elementary school students through speaking and writing, reading, grammar, and book discussion classes • Attend meetings, workshops, and special events required by the institute. • Proctor and interview potential new students and advise the administration • Conduct parent-teacher-conference 4 per year · Collaborate with the administration on Parent Orientation 2. Candidate Qualifications: All candidates must; • Be citizens of the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa and eligible for an E-2 visa. • Hold F-2, F-5, F-6 Visa holders or Korean with native-level English Proficiency • Have all required documents (apostilled nationwide criminal background check and an apostilled diploma from a 4-year accredited university. • Have a clean self-medical health check. • Have at least one year of teaching kindergarten students and elementary students   3. Working Conditions Working hours are described as the time you need to be present at the school. Teaching hours are the active amount of time you will be conducting classes or activities. • Working Hours 9:00-6:00 M-F(Lunch will be provided) • Teaching Hours: About 6 hours a day • Age Level: 5-10 years old(Korean age, Class size: 12) 4. Salary and Benefits Salary Depending on Experience ( 2.3 million won~) Benefits • Insured with the 4 National Insurances. • Severance: upon completion of a one-year contract, severance pay which is equal to one month’s salary is paid to the teacher. • Vacation: 10 days plus National Korean Holidays • Airfare: One way ticket  Housing Housing Provided, Housing Allowance Provided(W400,000) 5. Location 21 Suwoncheonro 210, Paldalgu, Suwon, Gyeonggido  6. To Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and self portrait with a recent photo to innie94@gmail.com.

Elementary Textbook-Lessons

Grade 4, Lesson 8 - How Much Is It? (Judy Yin book)

Started by Wuchild

2010 Grade 4 Lesson 5 What Time Is It?

Started by sheila

2010 Grade 4 Lesson 6 It's Time For Lunch

Started by jehall

Grade 3 Lesson 5 What Color Is It?

Started by ali777

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 10 - "Do You Want Some More?"

Started by akedizzle

Grade 4, Lesson 6 - What Shape Is It?

Started by Happy

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 3, Story Time 2 - "Pinocchio"

Started by wb53101

(2010 National) Grade 3, Lesson 4 - "Happy Birthday!"

Started by ian_lacey

2010-2011 6th Grade Lesson 12: Will you help me please?

Started by akedizzle

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 11 - "What Are You Doing?"

Started by akedizzle

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 14 - "Is Peter There?"

Started by akedizzle

2010-2011 Grade 6 Lesson 13 "That's too bad."

Started by wikawika

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 3 - "It's Under the Table"

Started by deweybeach

Grade 5, Lesson #1.1 - How's it Going? (Elementary School English- Blue book)

Started by jennzoidh

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 7 - "How's Your Sister?"

Started by Mokpo Brad

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 4 - "What a Nice Day!"

Started by jaimejeangabin

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 2 - "Do You Have English Class Today?"

Started by sheila

(2010 National) Grade 3, Lesson 11 - "It's Cold/It's Snowing"

Started by sheila

(2010 National) Grade 3, Lesson 10 - "I Can Swim"

Started by sheila

(2010 National) Grade 3, Lesson 7 - "I Like Apples"

Started by jehall

Grade 4, Lesson 4 - Where's My Watch? (Panda Book)

Started by mramberg

2010 Grade 4 Lesson 4: How old are you?

Started by complex303

Gr 4 lesson 4, Don't Touch That (green book with Comi riding globe Judy Yin)

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

2010 Grade 4 Lesson 1 - Nice To Meet You.

Started by gospelwing

All of Us Book 2

Started by MattPierce

Grade 5 - Lesson 4 - Where Is The Ball - 대교

Started by Hongsam

2010 Grade 4 Lesson 2 - Don't Do That

Started by JC49

(2010 National) Grade 3, Lesson 2 - "What's This?"

Started by sheila

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 12 - "This is a Bedroom"

Started by Virginia

(대교 Daegyo) Grade 4, Story Time 1 - "The Wizard of Oz"

Started by adamzero

How do I interact with my first and second graders?

Started by alyssa.callahan

Grade 5 - 2011 National Book

Started by rainesbaines

Grade 4 - Lesson 1 - How Are You - Cameron M Wood Book

Started by Wretchard

(Cameron Wood) Grade 3, Lesson 2 - "This is My Family"

Started by Amy Rodulfo

(2011 National) Grade 5, Lesson 13 - "Can You Tell Me About Your Family?"

Started by denimdaze

5th/6th Textbook Review 2012 - Gyohasa (김정렬, Vande Voort Heide Marie)

Started by Paul

Grade 2 Textbook - Gyeongbuk - Lesson 1: Good Morning

Started by kayladb

Grade 6, Lesson 2 - I'll Play the Guitar (Book 1)

Started by dinki

Grade 4, Lesson 2 - He is tall (lime green book with Comi standing on top of a planet)

Started by Amori Stols

Our Discovery Island books Review Units 1-2 PPTs

Started by ignatmc


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