Games & Templates (Multi-Level)  - The games and templates found within this section are empty of content and act as a skeleton for teachers to adapt to their own lessons and classes. Do not upload pre-made or lesson-specific materials here, only template files that can be easily adapted for a wide range of lesson topics. These templates can be flash-based games, PowerPoint templates, or even simple word templates. 

9-page Game List and Instructions

Started by amores

Guess Who? Gameboard

Started by

Truth or Dare

Started by mattjw1978

Rock Band Bomb Game

Started by rednumberix

Beat the Clock Warm-Up Game

Started by mirokii

Halloween-Themed Quiz Game

Started by Mr C

Word Puzzle Game

Started by anamcara

Comparative Adjective Card Game

Started by AdamVandersall

PowerPoint Templates for Class (NON BOMB GAME)

Started by jlehmke

Telephone Pictionary with idioms

Started by lookingup247

Pigs and Wolves, a card game for almost any vocab / reading lesson

Started by Ben1981

Twice's Knock Knock themed 4 corners game

Started by gj148

Famous People. Who are they?

Started by stemarty

Pass the Bomb

Started by powelldr

Capture the Flag

Started by jejuted

Fairy Tail: Happy's Deal (game template)

Started by stemarty

Halloween Games

Started by notboringenglish

Unfortunate Sentences that Seriously Need a Comma

Started by toddsqui


Started by andsku

Bomb game keeps resetting the numbers!

Started by daehanguk


Started by tsarotu

Word on the Street Board Game

Started by damocha

Adventure Time Guess Who, Star Wars Guess Who, Mafia Card Game, What Is It Card

Started by notboringenglish

Traditional British/Irish games

Started by BayouDrank

The Haunted House (Choose Your Own Adventure) Book

Started by MrBoverC

Very Simple Squid Game Keep/Give Bomb Game Template

Started by Lorinefairy

PPT Games Assortment

Started by ChristinaDunigan

Exploding Kittens (Game) Themed Speaking Game

Started by gj148

Jeopardy High shcool

Started by Rafiqua

Spelling Bee Bomb Game

Started by kimchimeiji

English Olympics

Started by aschwapp

X-Men bomb game

Started by maximmm

Hot Potato/ball variation

Started by xoninmuoshda

Looking for this powerpoint + worksheet combo

Started by JF512

The 100 TV show Survival Game

Started by SuzeeG85

The Pursuit of Trivia (General Knowledge Quiz Game)

Started by notboringenglish

Go Fish_best PPT explanation

Started by adelle56

Introduction Week School Bingo (Older Elementary/Younger Middle School)

Started by ehenness

Bomb Game Help!

Started by krobrien7

Millionaire game template

Started by maryt41


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