Games & Templates (Multi-Level)  - The games and templates found within this section are empty of content and act as a skeleton for teachers to adapt to their own lessons and classes. Do not upload pre-made or lesson-specific materials here, only template files that can be easily adapted for a wide range of lesson topics. These templates can be flash-based games, PowerPoint templates, or even simple word templates. 

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Welcome to the Games and Templates Section!

Started by Sprite06

Board game templates

Started by jehall

Sprite06's BOMB GAME Thread

Started by Sprite06

The One Stop PPT Game Template Spot.

Started by Gillod

Powerpoint Template Mega-Pack

Started by RufusW

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Pass the Ball music / video- can be used with any topic

Started by CMC2668

Lesson plan template: Great for new teachers as is very specific

Started by AuxiliaresDeCon

Ready Player One Trivia Game

Started by Immadoit


Started by CMC2668

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Started by gj148

Pirate Game

Started by captainjack

Produce X 101/Kpop Themed Bomb Game

Started by Stefaneekaye

Avengers and Overwatch Themed Key Expression/Word Bingos

Started by Stefaneekaye

Editable Marvel Guess Who Game (Past or Future Tense)

Started by mikeycknowsrnb

FIFA Game template

Started by sammyjojo

Face App Challenge

Started by mikeycknowsrnb

Longest Word Game, minimal tech required

Started by wright67

What Am I - Christmas Vocab Game (Requires cards to be cut out)

Started by Callizle

PowerPoint help thread

Started by eujunseo

Find Someone Who Valentine's Day Card Game

Started by thomwiley23


Started by SamanthaB

Helping PowerPoint problems

Started by eujunseo

help! I need a PPT template that you can choose and pull pictures into a space

Started by maggie93

"Ready, Steady, BANG!" Red Dead Redemption 2 Game (Reading)

Started by wenny

Food Talk! speaking board game

Started by Pizza

Looking for an Avengers/Infinity War telepathy game?

Started by ar97

Bet On It Template and Handout

Started by Datasapien

ESL UNO Master Pack

Started by thomwiley23

help me!

Started by crosskjh

Business English

Started by vinalves

Funny Commercials and Pranks

Started by sbk

What's trending in Korea rn?

Started by eujunseo

Birthday game ideas!

Started by cryssie.g

No Functionality

Started by

Pass the Ball Game Template

Started by Eponineswish

K-Pop GIF Telepathy Game

Started by gj148

Requesting a Jon Cena Bomb Game Template for a Friend

Started by VivanDoan

Random English Name Generator?

Started by carter1l

Sleeping Elephants Game Template (4 versions: sentence building/grammar game)

Started by thomwiley23


Started by eujunseo


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