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F3 Visa for Step-child

Started by bsweet

Extended stay on a D-4 Visa, getting my pension

Started by nimrand

Package services to Korea from the UK

Started by Pennypie

Purple shampoo for blonde hair?

Started by aross05

MOVED: Getting Tonsillectomy in Seoul

Started by Yaya

Transferring funds w/ Charles Schwab

Started by staygold

MOVED: Tattoo Shops in Seoul

Started by Yaya

Defamation Help

Started by missc.2014

For those with the F-6...

Started by Action Jackson

LEEP (for Cervical Dysplasia) in Korea

Started by Adeliza

Weekend Apartment Rental

Started by

New job, old visa????

Started by beginners_falafel

Deposit other bank checks into KEB ATM

Started by calliesaurus

MOVED: Money managment apps

Started by Yaya

MOVED: Broadband Internet - 5 month contract

Started by Yaya

What's the best way to transfer a lot of money INTO korea?

Started by mxm407

Received Overseas Wire.... Money Not in Account?

Started by IcyAaron

D10 to E2 medical health check

Started by Citibike100

MOVED: Travel to Japan - Single Entry Visa, No ARC Card

Started by Yaya

Looking for two completely unrelated things: Mustache wax and loose leaf tea

Started by Joshua1211

Receiving an Overseas Wire Transfer

Started by IcyAaron

Shipping to the USA

Started by Wench

CJ Mobile --Anyone use it?

Started by hiphopopotamus

MOEL website and filing petitions

Started by natmossy

KEB annulled their own debit cards for users on 7/20

Started by Sweetrevenge355

What to say at immigration--no visa yet

Started by cheonjae

Paying US credit card in Korea?

Started by Lowfoam

Can a foreign ATM card be used to withdraw cash at Korea Post?

Started by marshmellow man

Pension balance sheet?

Started by Epistemology

Advice on lawsuit for medical botch job

Started by lshaugh

MOVED: How much money to bring to Korea ?

Started by Yaya

Electric Bill Translation?

Started by Embarr

Purchasing KTX train tickets for Chuseok

Started by busanite

where can i find english books on korean site?

Started by cashclay


Started by cat-herder

F5 visa Language Test

Started by thunderlips

KEB email translation help

Started by JNM

Health care system here - ??

Started by lshaugh

D2 visa question *help*

Started by whanous

Severe depression and anxiety - anyone familar with certain drugs or therapies.

Started by ThomasKorea


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